coworking space in london

Word up! Things have gone from 0-60 around here lately. What with No Bull Blog School, the blog, styling work and various other things a gwan I needed to find somewhere outside of my flat to really crack on and get productive. I've always loved the idea of shared workspaces but couldn't really understand why people who work for themselves would pay to go and work somewhere else when you could just roll out of bed and pick up your laptop.

So I decided to try it. AND THEN IT HAPPENED.

More on that in a minute. 

co working space in london

For anyone who doesn't know, I live in Croydon, and whilst we have a lot of talk of techy developments, startups and growth in the area the reality is it can take a long time to happen. Recently what with Croydon Tech City, The National trust, Boxpark and Westfield all investing time, money end effort into the area, that's starting to change. 

When something new and cool appears I notice it immediately, so when local tech hub TMRW hub popped up right by the bus stop I used to get home I was like 'whaaaaaat'!

tech hub south london

It looked slick, cool, fresh and well designed. At first I thought it was just a cool coffee shop where I could finally get out of the house with my laptop for a change of scenery, but then I discovered it was a co-working space. This has been attempted in Croydon before but, to be nice, it hasn't always worked so well. Could this be different?

south london co working space
south london co working space for startups

I had my first day at TMRW hub a couple of weeks ago. I wasn't sure whether I'd get it. Would it really make a difference to my workflow and productivity?

Why not watch this week's vlog which contains a little bit about it...




I have never got so much done in a day as when I work here. Why? It's likely to be the mix of being surrounded by likeminded individuals, a mix of standing and sitting desks and interesting working areas to keep things fresh. 

tech hub co working space south London
south london co working space

I still work from home on the odd day too - a lot of the time if I need to shoot images of my home or projects, or if I'm doing some DIY for my flat which I'll be sharing in blog posts, then of course I have to be there. But being at TMRW has really Up levelled my business and I'm excited to see where it can go next. 

Now I just need to make sure I keep up!

If you're a South London based entrepreneur or startup then I'd highly recommend coming to have a little tour of TMRW. The prices are extremely reasonable and it's a great chance to get in while it's brand new. You can book here, come and say hi if you see me! 

S x