hipster glasses

A couple of weeks ago I was invited over to Westfield in Stratford to check out a brand new, cool indie eyewear brand that I had discovered on instagram to pick out some new hipster glasses, ahem, I mean specs. Exciting!

Ok, if you're a specs wearer you will get that this is exciting. If you're not then stick with me because they make rad sunglasses too. 

KITE are the new kids on the block when it comes to eyewear. Forget Oliver Peoples, Cutler and Gross or those other guys, KITE is where it's at! I'm such a sucker for a cool brand on insta - it really is THE place at the moment to discover the dopest new stuff.

So what's so great about them then?


hipster glasses

Not only do they make awesome prescription glasses with Zeiss lens technology from Germany, but also sunglasses too. Each pair is lovingly handmade in Italy and has around ten pairs of hands touch the glasses before they end up with the final wearer. The Zeiss lens technology might sound fancy but trust me it makes a big difference, as I found out when I got my own pair of new prescription glasses from KITE. I've never had anything so crisp!

hipster glasses


I adore KITE styling and it's what attracted me to them in the first place. I mean take a look at these awesome advertising campaign shots! The lady modelling is one of their regular customers. They thought she had such a cool look that they asked her to model in their campaign. Love it!

cateye sunglasses

They also have some of the best frames I've seen on the market. Most designer frames can come in at £299+, but thanks to an amazing one price fits all pricing structure KITEs are £150 mark and that's INCLUDING prescription Zeiss lenses! £150 all in! Honestly, if you're a glasses wearer you'll understand how affordable this is. I've been wearing out of date prescription glasses for about 3 years because I didn't want to cough over hundreds of pounds for a new pair. 

hipster glasses

I have to also add that they day I got my new specs I had 2 people stop me inside Westfield and ask me where I got them. Score! They make me look so much cooler than I actually am... The true definition of a great pair of hipster glasses.

Just kidding! I do actually have shit eyesight!


hipster glasses

The team at the Stratford flagship store were amazing. Not only did they personally help me have my own little fashion show moment picking out glasses, but they also took the time to understand what I was looking for and how they worked with my face shape and colouring. I really felt like they were passionate about specs (that sounds funny but you know what I mean) and they really loved working there. I think that kind of thing always radiates out. They were the kind of people that I'd happily hang out with actually. Which says a lot, because I'm one of the most unsociable people you'll ever meet!

Also, the lady who did my eye test was awesome. She told me things about my eyesight that I'd NEVER been told before and gave me a slightly different prescription to what I've always had before - and it's so much better than my previous glasses. She even helped me try out some contact lenses for the first time! I have to say I won't be doing that again but yeah - it was cool that she helped me try them. 


KITE is founded by three entrepreneurs. One of whomwas born into a family of 43 (!!) optometrists. Together two of them also founded the popular Bombay cafe Dishoom. You know these guys have taste and a serious knack for creating popular brands that have authentic style. I love that they bucked the traditional optometry trend of having a shopfront which houses lots of brands and instead decided to change the game and create their own store selling only their own designed frames. I like entrepreneurs with that kind of vision. 


hipster glasses

The design of the store is completely different to anything I've seen before. It's more cool bar / cafe experience than one I've ever had shopping for glasses. I was even given a healthy green juice when I first arrived! 

hipster glasses

They have a big bar style table in the centre where you can sit and try on different pairs. Plus a little 'pick 'n' remix' station where you can actually create your own sunglasses by combining different arms and lenses etc.

They also have a funky technological thingy where you can take pictures of yourself in the different frames and then compare them side by side. Pretty useful when you're deciding between their 5 million pairs of cool glasses.

hipster glasses

I love the use of prints and bold primary colours. The artwork was the results of collaborations with up and coming designers, and it's even made its way down to the glass cleaning cloth that you get when you buy your eyewear. You can pick which design you want, which is a cool touch.

Here's what I chose!

It was a tough decision I must say! I was being swayed by the cool cat eye options they have but I reminded myself that I was trying to find a pair that I could start wearing daily and would easily match with my very varied wardrobe. 

The Martino in clear frosted acetate were the perfect fit. Here I am doing a bit of pouty 'modelling' to show them off for you. I've already had to start swatting away friends who want to get the same pair!

hipster glasses

I thoroughly recommend checking out KITE if you fancy a new pair of prescription glasses in your life, or just a cool pair of sunnies. I love these!

You can find KITE online or in the Stratford Westfield shopping centre.

Don't forget who told you first yeah!

S x

*I was gifted my new glasses from KITE as a thankyou for this blog post. As you know, I only ever put you onto the coolest brands that I would myself shop from (or do already), so you can rest assured that this is a true and honest review of the brand. Kite are sick!*

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