Hello lovely people! Earlier this week I had the pleasure of clearing the clutter from my hallway (more on that here) and getting our xmas tree out and up for decoration, with some very special little helpers. I thought some of you might not have gotten round to decorating yet, so if you're doing it this weekend here's a little bit of inspiration from me and my top ten christmass tree decorating tips!

My 2 yr old daughter Marley and my 3 yr old nephew Ralph helped me to get the tree all christmassy, with a little guidance from me and my preggo sis who basically just decided to dress Marley up in all of the christmas gear. Fun times. That's what kids are for right?!

I had a batch of matte and glittery gold baubles in varying sizes from last year, so we put those along with the gold beading and lights up first. It's all about the warm glow lights, those bright white ones are a little harsh for my liking and in my opinion don't really add much to the warm christmas glow. 

I'd picked out some gold geometric baubles from Ikea, so those went up next. We used the gold Vintermys baubles and the geometric wire shapes, also called Vintermys strangely.

As you can see we then added my home made DIY feather baubles!

I had specially commissioned a bauble to be made for Marley from my friend who runs Bonita Artista, she makes personalised gifts, including baubles. Well worth checking out! I absolutely love this one and even used the lovely bow it came packaged with to tie on the top of my tree :)

We then finished off with a sprinkling of fake snow and a handful of feathers placed in random areas, to really highlight the gold and white theme.

Here's how she looked all finished and lit up!

Putting up your tree this weekend? Here are my top xmas tree decorating tips!

  1. Find a good spot for your tree - you need somewhere that you will see regularly but not where it's in the way of day to day practicalities
  2. Use warm glow fairy lights for a more cosy feel than the bright white bulbs
  3. Start with your fairy lights and then layer on top so that you can see if they are evenly spaced out
  4. Don't worry so much about decorating or lighting the back of your tree if it won't be seen (like mine). Bunch your lights and decorations to the front and sides instead
  5. Forget the tinsel - it's a little dated. Try beaded garlands instead and drape it around your tree in swirls
  6. Choose 4 or 5 statement baubles to mix alongside your standard ones for a really unique look
  7. Choose a colour theme or theme around a word / sentence. Mine this year was 'geometric luxe!'
  8. Try out some unexpected decorative twists sprinkled on your tree with feathers, glitter, faux snow, shredded tissue paper etc
  9. If you have kids go for plastic baubles or put the glass ones toward the top where they are less likely to be knocked or pulled off by prying fingers!
  10. Get your friends and family involved! The best part about decorating a tree isn't the finished look but the decorating itself. Having Marley, Ralph and my sister Annie joining me made it 100 x more fun :)

I'm really pleased with how the tree turned out this year! Have you done yours yet? What's your theme?

S x