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Ok so this isn't technically Dinner & Decor, it's more like Brunch and Decor, but whatever! Me hubby and our little girly are always looking for great brunch in South London, so when we were invited down to Brew in Putney to try out their mouthwatering brunch and juices whilst checking out the decor of course we accepted! Obviously there's loads more details to come but I just need to say - their treacle cured bacon is just...  delish. Worth every bloody penny. Ok, ONWARDS!

I loved the really effortless look of Brew, it's a little bit rustic, a little bit traditional, a little bit bohemian and a little bit hipster. As you arrive you're greeted with an old school cinema style sign that makes it almost impossible to miss, and an under floor display of Vegemite. Go figure!

When you first enter you go through an outdoor terrace area which is covered in order to deal with the British weather! There's an outdoor wood fire and bar area which wasn't in use when we arrived but I imagine would be great in the summer. The outdoor seating area is just as warm as inside but also comes with little blankets if you feel chilly - a nice touch. They also have some super cosy lounge seating and green plant walls which I really liked. 

Inside you are met with a real mix of materials, from natural woods to subway tiles and glass. Seating is somewhat rustic with traditional white chairs and lime green banquettes.

After being shown to our seats we checked out the breakfast menu. A great mix of traidiontal brunch bits and house specials. Why I didn't order the Bloody Mary is beyond me... was I drunk already?!  That alone is reason for me to go back. Anyway, we both ordered a juice, I went for the Orange, ginger and carrot and J picked the mint cooler.

To eat I ordered the Blueberry pancakes with caramelised banana, creme fraiche and maple syrup. I also ordered a side of treacle bacon because I was feeling extra naughty. I have to say the creme fraiche is such a great addition to pancakes and something that I'll be trying at home as that little hit of fresh sourness really sits nicely with the sweetness of the syrup. My pancakes were absolutely delicious and the treacle cured bacon is just SOMETHING ELSE. Dreamy (though my photo does it no justice).

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Jason went for the Brew Melt - ham, gruyere, vine tomatoes, poached eggs and pesto served on Turkish pide. He looked pretty happy with it and at the speed he scoffed it (I don't even think I got a bite) I am guessing it was pretty special. 

Marley wanted chips!

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After scoffing our yummy brunch I took Marls for a little walk around to take in some of the smaller details and get some pics of her (at her request).

I really liked that they had a fridge full of take-home-good-food-ready-meals. I also liked that they have a glass walled meeting room which would be awesome for companies that need to have business meetings in a little more of a cooler and less corporate environment. You can just about make out the edge of it in the pic below... sorry, I didn't get a good one!

Overall Brew is a great family friendly place to have brunch in South London. The food was great, decor relaxed and informal, the service was speedy and polite and the prices aren't too bad either. I'll be returning to try out that Bloody Mary and have a little bit more of that ever so special bacon. Mmmm....

What are your favourite brunch spots? Share with the rest of my readers below!

S x