Right peeps, I hope you all had a lovely christmas! I'm back at it (yes I'm bored of eating and watching TV already) so it's time for a reveal! A few weeks back you may have seen my post about repainting the bathroom and giving it a little bit of a mini makeover after we decided we were bored of the black walls. Instead we chose a blush pink and green bathroom theme. Here's the finished look. 

Here's a shot of the before and after side by side...

Small changes but then sometimes they are the best don't you think? It shows that you can make quite a difference to the feel of a room just by doing some quick and affordable changes.

It's given the bathroom a bit of a new lease of life and it's much fresher. Also easier to do my makeup to thanks to the light colour and those storage boxes. 

All products and finishes for this makeover are shared in this post (click to view). 

Hopefully sometime this year we will get to do a proper kitchen remodel, fingers crossed!

S x