best coffee table books

It's just 6 weeks until I hit the big 3-0! Yes, I know I have the face of a 16 year old (thanks for the endless reminder Tesco till staff) but I am indeed 29. Every time a birthday or xmas comes around I pick out a selection of coffee table books that I'd just love to get my hands on. Not only are they a great source of inspiration and a great way to spend a Sunday morning (who am I kidding, I have a two year old), they are brilliant for styling around the home and using as props for the perfect insta shot. Here's what I'm lusting after...

ABCDCS: David Collins Studio

I found out about David Collins when I started to look into who had designed the interior of my favourite restaurant Bob Bob Ricard. Creator of superb hotels, restaurants and residential interiors, David had the ability to do looks that were both totally refined and sophisticated but over the top at the same time. I love the Art Deco influences and the colour palettes are always so chic. Sadly David passed away a couple of years ago very suddenly, just after I found out about him. Very sad and such a loss to the industry! I've been after this book for a while now and hopefully this'll soon be added to my collection. Get it here for £50.


Don't hate! Ok I know me liking Kim Kardashian really doesn't fit my 'my brand' or whatever but I cannot deny the love for this woman. The complete obsession with herself / vanity combined with quite a sweet and caring personality just makes her so endearing to me. Love it or hate it she's an absolute icon for our generation and she'll go down in history. Her first book of selfies comes out in a few days time and weirdly it's less than a tenner. BARGAIN. Get it here for £8.36.

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I came across this book when on a recent trip to the Ralph Lauren Home store. I was drawn to the contrast of the black and white cover with acid yellow typography, and when I delved a little deeper found I fell in love with the fashion photography of Arthur Elgort. I've not seen much of the book other than having a quick flick, but it's expected to be packed full of his signature snapshot style fashion photography that was a breath of fresh air when he arrived on the scene. Get it here for £68.


Over the past year Abigail Ahern has quickly become my absolute business icon. Her bold and unique dark interiors have gained her a real cult following, and her confident book cover shows just how far she's willing to go to push the boundaries - a girl after my own heart! I really love that Abigail takes the non traditional routes in the interior design industry and it's something that I pride myself on too. This book sees Abigail really come into her own and show off her signature style. Definitely one for my bookshelf. Get it here for £13.60.


I'd heard Kelly's name floating around a bit in the blogger world for a little while but not really checked her out. After I did I was SO won over, and her style is probably the closest to my own that I've seen being recognised in the industry. Kelly's style is really provocative and incorporates retro finished with some real POP pieces. Right up my street. Get it here for £35.

So there you go, these are my top picks, what are yours? Any you've had your eye on that I should know about?

S x