Ombre cushion

I think it's safe to say that we've really been focusing our energy on getting the living room and bathroom up to a decent state recently, so our bedroom, although started had been left a little neglected! I decided to give the room a little spruce up. She's still a LONG way off being done, but new bed linens, cushion and a rug really helped to give her a bit of life. 

houndstooth duvet cover

(please pay not attention to the crinkle in the rug! We've sorted it since, haha!)

Firstly, we were treated to a beautiful new duvet cover and pillowcases from The Original Bedstead company. These guys are really cool - they have loads of pattern choices, so you choose your pattern and then literally have the pick of any colour from their huge colour palette choices. I chose the houndstooth pattern and even ordered two samples, 'silver' and 'gold' (neither are metallic but close to them in shade), and I decided to go for the silver as it was more complimentary to the curtains in our room. The set is super soft and got a lovely embroidered trim. A little luxe detail that makes me very happy indeed! In a king size (like ours), the total cost would be £125.

Next, we got a lovely ombre limey-yellow cushion from Bluebell Gray. 

ombre cushion bluebell gray

I've been trying to find the right pop of colour to go into the bedroom and so as soon as I saw this I knew that was it! The limey yellow really sets off the teal walls and hot pink accents. At £65 It's super high quality and already has me wanting another to go in the house. Their watercolour collections are so beautiful and I'm now also lusting after their Prussian rug. SWOON!

Lastly, the grey carpeted floors were starting to look a bit sad so I went all out with this black and white polka dot rug from Ikea that cost me a whopping..... £20! What a frickin' bargain!

Polka dot rug

I have to be honest, I had to really battle with hubby to get that one in the bedroom. He said it would get dirty quickly (he's such a clean freak) and that it was too much against the houndstooth bedding but you guys know me... I love a bit of pattern on pattern!

I think in the long run it may end up in our hallway once it's redecorated but for now I am enjoying the bedroom having some stimulation. Who says bedrooms are meant to be calm?! So boring...

teal walls bedroom

As you can see the bedroom still has a way to go. Notice that mould patch in the top left corner? Yep, that's due to a problem in the render outside the building which we are currently getting fixed. Oh the joy! I will detail all about that situation in another post.

The lightbulb is dangling like a saddo in the middle of the room because I just can't find the right light fitting at a price that I can afford at the moment. My dream would be to have one of these awesome Sciolari lights from Roomscape (one of my fave vintage suppliers) but alas, I don't have £700 quid hanging around for a light fitting. Not at the moment anyway ;)

sciolari lighting

So what do you think of my new bedroom updates? Agree with me or hubby?!

S x

*The cushion and bedlinen featured in this post were gifted to me by the brands. I only review products and brands that I wholeheartedly believe in and LOVE the product! Thankyou so much for your kind gifts :) *

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