A few weeks back I shared the plans for our bedroom makeover. I'm happy to finally share the reveal pics! Sorry it took a while - we were waiting on one piece of artwork that was coming from the states and just took forever to arrive. Anyway BORING... let's get into it!


Let's have a little reminder shall we? Click here to see my original moodboard and floor plans for the makeover. 


It was a mish mash of styles and furniture with no clear look and a not-so-great use of space. 



This is when we were taking out the old wardrobes and starting on the new carcasses that would go on to become the built in wardrobes. I worked with Maxeme and Paul from Live Love and Design who created this bespoke unit that would replace the old wobbly Ikea units with something that would maximise the space and obviously look a hell of a lot better!

So they got to work... 

The new wardrobes perfectly fit the space and have super spesh soft close hinges and drawer runner. Yes they were about an extra £300 but it was so worth it! PROPER QUALITY MATE. 


We then had to bring in the decorators to sort out some bubbled up old paper and decorate the room. We used Farrow & Ball 'Smoked Trout' as it had a perfect matte nude finish that changes colour dependent on the light. It's quite warm sometimes, with an almost violet tone coming through, then in other lights it's a lot more of a flat beige. I love it! Would have never thought I'd pick out such a neutral for our bedroom but after going to a Farrow & Ball event a few months back and hearing the Colour Consultant, Joa, speak about the way the paints are made and seeing it in life I just knew it was the perfect shade. I'm obsessed with it. 


The old carpets came out and made way for the new lavender Vorwerk. It is ammmmmmazing!It literally feels like velvet underfoot and has such a lovely suede finish. Of course the fabulous Steve from All Flooring UK fitted it - he does all my flooring and always kills it! Marley liked it. 




Gahhh don't you just love it?!

Lets talk about this bed for a second. Olive green velvet! KING size! The Skye bed from Adventures in Furniture was the main starting point for the bedroom redesign. I'd seen loads of upholstered beds here and there but never found anything perfect. This was the one! We got a slightly lower headboard so that it wouldn't block out the light from the window and I think this height really works in the space. It's not too imposing. 


Talking of beds, I have to mention the fabulous eve sleep who provided us with one of their memory foam king size mattresses to fit the new bed. It's soooo good. I swear you don't realise how much a good mattress makes a difference until you chuck out your old crap one and try a new one! The eve mattress is super supportive but also moulds to your body. Not too much though - I hate mattresses where you sink in. It's firm, but supportive. My sleep since having it has been honestly ten times better. I sleep like a log! We also have their memory foam pillow too... YOU NEED THESE IN YOUR LIFE.

I also have to say that I love the eve sleep brand. They are all about having great mornings and their happy yellow colour mattress makes me smile (I also like that it colour coordinates with the room!)

I think it's so important that when you do a makeover of this scale (not that it's huge but it's been the most we've ever spent on decor before) you also consider the details. This dusky pink bed linen from Secret Linen Store is so bloody gorgeous you wouldn't believe. The soft pink colour really works against the green velvet and its SO soft I really can't describe it to you. Softest bed linen we've ever had, by miles.

*This bed linen set is also on offer at the moment - go get it!*

In our old bedroom we had a small mirror that only showed one half of my body at a time which made trying outfits on a giant pain in the ass! Luckily, West Elm came to the rescue with this supersized brass framed leaning mirror. Now I normally wouldn't recommend these if you have kids in the house but luckily for us Marley is really sensible when it comes to this stuff and the mirror also comes with wall fixings. If you have been watching my insta stories you'll see that I take all my outfits snaps here! If you're in need of. a good floor length mirror I'd really recommend them as they have some great options available. 


This Habitat armchair wasn't actually intended to stay. We had it in the old bedroom but I was convinced it wouldn't work with the new nude walls and lavender carpet. Ummm, how wrong was I?! It's created quite a 50s colour palette which I really love. It's also really handy for chilling out (and bunging clothes sometimes... Maybe all of the time). 

Because of the simple nude walls I wanted to really bring out some 'edge' with artwork. The large print above the fireplace adds a bit of fun. 


As much as I can I'll try to use pieces we already have - I'm not one who just buys stuff for the sake of it, so this spotted artwork that I was given a year or so ago was the perfect piece for over by the wardrobes to add contrast to the block colour. 

In other areas the artwork was more soft and feminine. 

I like the idea of really utilising the picture frame in this room and having all the artwork hung old school style with wire and hooks. 


Finally, I have to talk about these built in wardrobes. They have completely revolutionised the space and made hanging clothes and staying tidy a DREAM! The Buster & Punch hardware was the perfect finalising detail to bring it all together. They just feel like quality you know? Every time I open the wardrobe I'm like 'ahhhh'. 


I think that's everything! I really wanted the bedroom to feel like a minimal space - my version of minimal at least. I've enjoyed every second I spend in here and I'm so proud of it. It's been the most expensive project yet but I'm really pleased we invested in things like the bespoke wardrobes and hiring a decorator. It really does make the difference. 

I'd love to know what you think! Plus if you have any questions about products or suppliers then feel free to leave a comment below. 


S x