We've reached an interesting place decorating-wise in our flat. Most rooms are about 70% finished and really just need finishing touches (thats minus the kitchen but that's another story). I think when you get to the 70% zone it's so easy to get complacent. It's all the little jobs left at the end that would make those final touches but you generally can't be arsed to do them. 

Our bathroom was pretty much ok. It was the first thing we got done when we moved in 4 years ago, so it's not exactly what I would choose now considering how much my design knowledge has evolved, but in terms of a base it wasn't that bad. But it needed a makeover. 

Here's what it looked like pre makeover:

It's not horrible, it's just a bit plain and wasn't really bringing through the eclectic fabulousness that the flat is all about. The plan was to bring more colour, personality and Art Deco geometric elements through. 

and here is the mood board for its makeover!


colour palett.jpg

The new colour palette is a base of white with Blush Apricot Pink, Marine Green, Black and Antique brass / bronze.


As you can see there are some things that need addressing here - firstly, the floor! What started out as plans for a polished concrete effect quickly turned disastrous (you can read all about that joyous incident here), but recently we got a beautiful Quickstep diagonal striped black and white floor, so at least that had been sorted pre-makeover. 


We originally painted the walls black, but we didn't use steam proof paint. Now if anyone has ever had dark matte paint in a bathroom you will know how this story ends! The bathroom is small and gets steamy so the steam has basically left weird patchy streaks across the matte finish. Not nice! 

We decided to switch it out for a proper bathroom and kitchen steam proof paint that will last the distance. OK, it' not a matte finish, but I can deal with it if it means not having to towel down the wall after every shower. We decided on a blush pink. Yep it's a bit 'on trend' (GOD that's probably the first time I've ever used that expression' but actually it's a colour I've always loved so meh. 

The exact shade took a little while...

Don't watch that grey patch... we had a moment of insanity.. I mean grey?! Come on Sarah.

Don't watch that grey patch... we had a moment of insanity.. I mean grey?! Come on Sarah.

We decided on Valspar's 'You're blushing' an apricot, pink blush that's very light and really changes in colour depending on the lighting. 


That Ikea metal shelf thing was so not staying. It had horrible dark rattan baskets there were falling apart and were just so not 'me'. Instead, we swapped the IKEA shelf for a piece of painted MDF (same colour as the walls) and then used these awesome midcentury style West Elm brackets that you may have seen I pinched from a recent shoot I did with Gyprock Habito! 

I also wanted to change the manky baskets for something nicer to look at and more practical, so these grey M&S storage baskets came up trumps. 


If there was one thing in here I didn't want to change it was the artwork. My collection of vintage Hollywood actress postcards really worked but I think it was just time for a bit of a change and Jason never really liked them. For the new look I headed over to Desenio to pick up 3 gold metal frames and Society6 for 3 photographic prints to add a rebellious, modern edge to what was quite vintage styling. 


To finish off the look I wanted a shake up of the (lack of) accessories for the room. Things like my cotton makeup pads and makeup brushes were being stored in random containers and there was nothing bringing the room to life by the way of ornaments. AND GOD DAMMIT I'M A STYLIST FOR HEAVEN'S SAKE, I NEED ORNAMENTS!

I loved these gold plant pots from Urban Outfitters so got one of those to start us off, then added some clear storage containers for cotton pads and buds, geometric little gold containers for my makeup brushes and a new hand towel, all from H&M home.  



We got a new, less shit showerhead and a new extractor fan. That hasn't arrived yet so I still need to see if it'll actually work, but it has a gold cover. Yay!


Stay tuned for a week or so while I await this funky extractor fan and then have some time to get some shots of the new made-over space !I'll share with you as soon as I have it on film ;)

What do you think of the proposed new look?

S x