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The gallery at Sketch has long been on my 'must visit' list. For something that's so up my street when it comes to decor - pink, brass, zig zag marble floors and sarcastic artwork, it was actually making me feel like a complete desIgn failure that I HADN'T YET VISITED. That's why it was THE place to head to for my 31st birthday and fathers day celebrations combined. 

sketch the gallery
best afternoon tea in London

Now, for any savvy Londoners reading this, I'm sure you've all heard or seen pics from this pink room a gazillion times. But, if you feel like seeing them again, because WHO WOULDN'T, then welcome. Alternatively if you're not from London or haven't had the joy of stumbling upon this absolute beauty yet then let me take you on a wondrous journey...

david shrigley artwork sketch

Designer India Mahdavi has created a surreal little gem that wouldn't feel out of place in a Wes Anderson movie. The installation of art on the walls and tableware is by David Shrigley, a Glaswegian born artist who among creating many witty artworks has also directed music videos for the likes of Blur, which is pretty cool. The tableware featured is available to buy both at Sketch and online here. 

the gallery at sketch london
afternoon tea at sketch

When you're inside it's impossible not to want to take pictures of everything. The floor is amazing, The chairs are perfection. The uniforms are like something directly off runway. The artwork is absolutely captivating. You want to read every funny little phrase or sarcy statement. Even the bar carts look like something out of Willy Wonka's factory. 

the gallery at sketch india mahdavi
flatlay teacup
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afternoon tea sketch

Then let me tell you about the food... I've had quite a few afternoon teas in my lifetime but this is up there. I would go as far to say that the sandwiches were some of the best I have tasted. The pan fried mozzarella and pesto panini sounded like something I'd hate but was incredibly delicious. As way my second favourite, the coronation chicken.

best afternoon tea in London
afternoon tea flatlay

The tea was perfectly brewed, not left with the leaves floating around to keep breweing. This might sound like a weird thing to pick up on but I love trying different teas, especially asian ones, but a lot of the times even the best of establishments can leave it brewing for ages, turning it into a bitter mess. Wow, that's probably the most ridiculous thing I have ever said. 

afternoon tea at sketch

I didn't so much enjoy the patisserie and petit fours but that's not to say there was anything bad about them, I just prefer the more carb heavy existence of a good warm scone, which was SUPER YUM. 

Now you might think that taking a 3 year old along to afternoon tea at somewhere like Sketch might be, to put it mildly, asking for fucking trouble, but every single member of staff was so cute with her. The only downside was a table of snobby girls towards the end who got seated next to us and proceeded to look down their noses as Marls stood on the banquettes and screeched on a sugar high.

In fairness, I'd probably have done the same before I had a kid. Didn't stop me thinking that they needed to take a fucking valium and worry about more important issues in the world, like when daddy would next buy them a new handbag. 

kids afternoon tea

So please take your kid to Sketch. They will love it and the staff are great with them. They even do a specific kids afternoon tea (if that doesn't say WELCOMING then what does) where they get their own icing bags of creme to fill their sweet treats with. Marley swiftly squeezed all of those bags into her mouth all at once. Oh, and they get a cuddly sketch bear to take home!

kids afternoon tea

It was lovely to spend some quality time just the three of us in such a cool environment. I just wish I'd worn something more waistline friendly... pleather skirt, you look fab but I could have eaten another scone. Dammit.

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sarah akwisombe blogger
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Oh well, an excuse to go back!

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Pleather skirt by Topshop (similar here)

Meels (that's mum heels to you) by Public Desire (similar here)

Clutch bag by Normann Copenhagen (currently only available in the Copenhagen flagship store, soon to be available elsewhere)

watch by Uncle Jack

Sunglasses by Religion (similar here)

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