Over the last 18 months my life has completely changed. I launched my business, the No Bull Blog School, and things haven't stopped since. Let me tell you, if someone had predicted this for me two years back I don't think I quite would have believed them. Sarah Akwisombe LTD? Hell no! 

Rewind 18 months. The blog was going well in that I had a couple of sponsored posts each month which would cover some of my bills, and I had managed very luckily to crack the nut of interior styling and had gotten into a place where I was being offered assisting roles on shoots. This was all amazing and my career was progressing, but slowly.

I was very much still a sole trader / freelancer and I wouldn't have identified myself as a business owner. 

Come November '15 I realised I'd come into a long stretch of not having any paid work. This is the freelancer life - you just don't know what's around the corner at any moment.

I decided in this gap time to do something. I'd start teaching people what I knew about blogging. 

A funny thing happened as soon as I started doing that. People really connected, like REALLY with what I was doing. For the first time it really felt like people were excited about the products and services that I was putting out.  I realised I had a bit of a knack for the whole teaching thing, and it turns out, some people were getting really inspired and actually going out and following the advice I had given - who'dathunkit?! I guess when you're passionate about something and you really hit the nail on the head of a specific market at the right time it really does just pick up momentum.  That's the only way I can describe it - the last 18 months has been nothing but momentum. 


I've really pushed myself over this time. I've put myself out on the line and launched products and services for sale that I had no guarantee people would even be interested in. I've put so much of my own personal money on the line. I have constantly invested and reinvested profits from courses into bigger and better stuff. More equipment, better content, advertising, filming, my own personal learning and development and so much more. It takes serious balls to hand over large chunks of hard earned cash (that your family are relying on) without really knowing that you'll make it back. It's all a big risk, but I love it.

The more I've put myself and my money out on the line the more I've seen come back.

I thoroughly believe that this is the key to success. If you put yourself out there and you believe in what you're doing you will not fail. 

It's a funny one this whole business thing because I don't think anyone's ever really ready for it. Like having a child, if you haven't had one before you can never fully equip someone with the knowledge of what the experience of being a business owner is truly like. You can never read enough books or do enough practice. You just have to wing it, day by day, realising that you will always and forever be learning as you go, and everyone else you looked up to is probably doing that too.

Your business becomes another type of baby. You invest in it, keep it happy and safe. You have to do the right thing, sometimes as painful as that can be. I've had to learn how to fire people. Have horrible awkward discussions that are best in business interest. Shell out payment for something that really hurts inside because I made a mistake. But you know it's all for the best of your baby. Every time they hurt themselves they learn not to do it again. 

I recently hired an accountant and I'm not gonna lie , for me this is a painful process. I'm not excited about numbers (unless it's pounds in my bank account darling) and the whole legalisation around tax and business rates etc just does my nut. I am definitely not excited about someone scruitinising what I spend money on. Can you tell I'm not into authority or restirctinos?! And yet here comes my next big step as a business owner.

He advised we register as a LTD company and register for VAT.

I'm scared shitless, but it's happened. 

I'm scared shitless because it's a next step up. Another stamp of 'you're taking this seriously now kid'. I will actually be legally obliged to submit all kinds of things and not just access my money willy nilly as I fancy it. SCARY! What if I just desperately need to book a 5 hour long massage? What if I come across the most amazing personal development retreat that I want to go on? WHAT IF I JUST WANT TO BUY SOME NEW NIKE AIR MAX GODDAMIT?!

It's going to be hard, but I think I'm ready. 

I mean, I literally have no idea what I'm doing, but who really does?

S x

P.S I am trying some new content themes out on the blog at the moment. If you liked this post and would want to hear more about the business side of my life then please let me know! Anything you'd like to know / hear about in particular?