Recently here in the UK it was Mother’s Day, and to do something a little bit different, me and my husband, brother, sister and her boyfriend decided to makeover my mum’s bedroom for her as a gift. She had been banging on about it being old and boring, so we swooped in, 60 min makeover style and freshened up the room!

It wasn't a complete surprise to her as we did have to consult with her on colour - she's just like me and quite picky when it comes to her own stuff! She wanted something both traditional and eclectic, with an updated colour scheme and some Boho influenced pieces.

We all took turns in painting, rotating between making cups of tea, looking after the kids and getting stuck into the decorating. It kind of worked well as a system - perhaps we could have a cool little family business here?! OK I wouldn't hold your breath anytime soon. There's only so much of my sister’s boyfriend's singing and bum crack showing I can handle (just kidding Steve, you rock!).

Wall colour decided on (Valspar's Blue Nuthatch) we then decided to also update her bed by using Rustoleum's chalk paint in a muted green shade and helped her to pick out some bright new accessories.

It wasn't just enough to update the headboard though - mum's mattress was at least ten years old and was really loose, clicking and sticking when you rolled on it! Not good for someone who is constantly complaining about backache. By some kind of universe magic I was emailed asking if I'd like to try out the new Leesa mattress. I'd seen it popping up in my facebook feed a lot, and I realised that this could be the perfect opportunity to make this little room makeover a bit more special.

I think we often want to update the look of a room, but recently I've become equally interested in making sure it's not all just surface styling and that there is a bit of comfort and proper groundwork to a room scheme too. I've been so guilty of this in the past - cutting corners, painting over old paint, buying new bedlinen without the right bedding and all that kind of thing.

Have you thought about how much more special a room would be if you took care of the finer details too? The ones that are perhaps hidden from eyesight but make ALL the difference?! Like a new mattress for example. I mean, we spend so much time in our beds but often worry more about the look than the feel. So when the opportunity came up to deliver mum not only a new look but a 5 star night's sleep too, then I was well for it.

I can find mattress picking a bit of a pain in the butt, as it's hard to know what to go for. Memory foam, springs, this cm core, that inches depth... it's a bit of a minefield. So I was pleasantly surprised to log onto the Leesa site and find that they had one mattress option, in four sizes. SIMPLE!

It took me all of 5 minutes to checkout and know that mum's new mattress was on it's way to her. She was even happier when I told her. Extra brownie points for me when it comes to my birthday this year!

The Leesa is a luxury product made with three layers of high quality memory foam. They offer free delivery and it arrives in a box, so it's easy to get inside your place. Here's what mum had to say about the mattress once she got it open and on her bed:

My back has been playing up from the normal springtime gardening, and this mattress is definitely the cosiest I have come across. I’ve found it to be cool and not at all hot like so many other foam mattress complaints you hear of. My back is already beginning to feel much better. I am sleeping better, and have also found I’m dreaming more! I guess this is because I am having a more relaxed deeper sleep.

Lucky me chaps - I'm now in for a full recalling of every single one of mums dreams over our next cuppa!

If you think you might be in the market for a new mattress, I'd really recommend the Leesa. If you use my personal link you'll also get a £50 discount on your mattress. Woop!

Here are a few pictures of the finished room.

I have to give mum credit, I helped to pick the right shade of blue and of course got my hands dirty with some of the painting, but she did really get involved in the process, picking lighting and accessories and I think she enjoyed being an interior designer for the day!

Do you think she did a good job?

S x

*This post was sponsored by Leesa. As always, I only ever work with brand that I would wholeheartedly recommend and believe to be of great value to you the reader.*