For my xmas present to Jason I booked us a trip to Paris. Ok yes it was his xmas present but it also benefitted me highly - the best way to do presents in my eyes! We had my mum looking after our daughter Marley for the weekend so we got to really take in Paris as adults rather than being dragged to the local soft play! This one is a fest for the eyes, not only did we stay at the GORGEOUS Hotel Saint Marc we also took an airbnb experience in a vintage Mercedes around Paris... get stuck in to see what we got up to. 

First up, we arrived during a blizzard so we went to get warmth and much at Big Love Cafe, a buzzy Italian place. I got the lobster, obvs!

After which we headed over to the Hotel Saint Marc to check in.

My god, the place was gorgeous! You are hit with an incredible scent when you enter which I think just SCREAMS luxury. The hotel is designed by my favourite studio, Dimore.

Our room was spacious and had really cool deco features. Such a comfy bed too and the bathroom was cute! I forgot to get a pic of it... oops!


As part of your stay at Hotel Saint Marc you also get free access for an hour (privately!) to their spa downstairs. Perfect way to spend some quality time with your loved one!

After a bit of time in the spa and a chill out in our room we headed to dinner at SOON grill, a Korean BBQ one of my insta followers recommended. It was a great rec as the decor was understated and elegant and the food was BUFF!


The next day we had a real treat planned...

We had booked an Airbnb experience where we got to be driven around Paris on a tour in an old vintage Mercedes and then stop off to do a wine tasting. CAN YOU SAY AWESOME?!


Our driver, Stoyan, was a mega babe and took us around all the cool spots in Paris. He also found us a wicked little place to get that all important Eiffel Tower shot...


And then on to a local wine shop to do a quick tasting of some well bodied reds. I was in my element! 


And after that, our short but sweet trip was done. Even just a couple of days away without children can really help you reconnect as partners. If you have any questions or want any other recommendations let me know!

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S x