4 different women, in 4 different industries, with 4 different fashion choice

Suitable attire for a new job?

Suitable attire for a new job?

I’ve recently been exposed to the world of workwear. I’d never thought about this before, usually throwing on the latest pair of leggings, oversized t shirt and kicks and turning up to whatever job I was working on (I did a lot of freelance). But recently, I’ve become… wait for it….. AN OFFICE WORKER! 

Yes! It’s true, and do you know what? I bloody well love it. If you had asked me even a year ago I would have sworn blind I would never work in an office. The universe works in weird ways.

So.. workwear. I have got a bit obsessed with how women who work in different industries dress, and so I went and found 3 cool chicks that I knew, who all work in different industries and have VERY different ideas when it comes to fashion. Check us out.

How do you dress for work?

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