I've always had a bit of a thing for rugs. Picking out a statement rug is the perfect way to completely transform a room instantly. I think they're often overlooked, I mean people love to fawn over a great armchair or wallpaper but you rarely hear people go 'wow, amazing rug' and so I've decided I am making my personal pledge to make awesome rugs a thing again. And no, I'm not talking about the now-mainstream-hyped Beni Ourain rug.. I mean, do we really need another?

No, people. I am talking head turning, show stopping, statement making REAL ASS RUGS. 

I recently discovered the work of Wendy Morrison, who designs beautiful handmade... chairs.


Wendy graduated in fashion from The Scottish College of Textiles and worked as a fashion designer for years, before turning to home textiles. She also has a collection with John Lewis. But today, I want to focus on her own designs.

To me they have a heavy influence from Art Deco / 20s era and a lot of Japanese references. All in all, the perfect combination to make me very excited about her rugs. So I decided to take three of her designs that I loved and build room schemes around them. 

I'd love to know which is your fave!


This one took a bit of a midcentury vibe as I thought that really came through in the rug design 'Cranes in Trees'. It made me fall in love with the whole Mad Men era all over again. 

Items shown:

Rug - Wendy Morrison 'Cranes in Trees' - coming soon!

Sofa - Sofa Workshop, starting from £1415

Armchair - Swoon Editions, £569

Coffee Table - Swoon Editions, £329

Lightshade - Made.com, £49

Tea Set - House of Hackney, £185

Brass Heron, H&M Home, £19.99

Faux flowers, Rockett St George, £6.95


The Mount Orient Crewel stitch rug is really affordable and has a 20s kind of Orient style. These Crewel stitch rugs are great as they are quite lightweight and can also be used as a bedspread or even a wallhanging. I'll let you decide how it should be used in this room!

Items shown:

Rug - Wendy Morrison, from £195

Bed - Swoon Editions, £799

Chair - Rockett St George, £499

Light fitting - House Curious, £200

Artwork - Society6, from £23

Candle - H&M home, £12.99

Bathrobe, Versace at Amara, £1620

Prickle Ornament, Pols Potten at Amara, From £23


This design is probably the most current 'me'. I loved the sunbeam esque deco style of the Sunburst rug. What's interesting about it is that it could have gone really classic deco but I like taking bits like that and pairing them with contemporary pieces. 

Items shown:

Sunburst Rug, Wendy Morrison, from £895

Sofa - Sofa Workshop, from £1229

Sideboard - Swoon Editions, £699

Cushions, The Cuzon Market, £60 each

Side Table, Daniela Rubeno, £210

Curtains, West Elm, From £89

Lamp, Jonathan Adler at Amara, £495

Artwork - Society6, From £27

Faux Cactus - Abigail Ahern, £108


So, which was your fave? I love them all but three has to be where I'm currently at personal style wise. Would love to know your thoughts, drop me a comment below! Don't forget to check out the rest of Wendy's rugs, there are some gorgeous designs over there. 

S x