toddler girls bedroom

Hey! You may remember a few weeks back that I shared the design that I'd come up with for my toddler daughter's bedroom. You can click here to see the full plans and the source list, but to rejig your memory, the mockup is just below. In this post I wanted to give you a little update and show some progress pics!

toddler girls bedroom ideas

Here are some pics of the work in progress. We've actually finished the room now (bar the light fitting which is being put in soon) but I'm yet to photograph it properly so will share that ASAP for ya!

First we had to get the contractors in to sort out a damp issues which was caused by cracked rendering on the outside of the building (luckily not our problem as it falls under the freeholder so we could claim for it, yipee!)

Once that was all done and dry it was on to picking out exact paint shades and getting some testers up. I can't believe I never used to test colours... I'd just go into the shop, look at the outside of the tin or the paint card and go 'yeah that'll do.' Rookie mistake!

Top tip? ALWAYS test your paint colour and get a few variations of shade around the one you think will be the right one. In almost every case the one I think I'm going to go for isn't the one I end up choosing. 

Look at how the light hits the paint in different areas around the room. If you don't want to paint onto the actual wall, ise a large piece of card to paint a tester. Make sure to do at least 2 coats. 

toddler girls bedroom ideas

First I had to work out the exact right shade of pink to go above the picture rail. It was a bit of a harder choice as it covers the whole ceiling so the shade needed not to be too overpowering but still have impact. We actually ended up getting Valspar at B&Q to colour match an old Sanderson paint colour that has been discontinued. The one we went with is the third in, most pink rather than orangey. 

todller girls bedroom

Then we had to start stripping one of the walls in her room as it was a state. All of the lining paper was coming away from the walls. It was one of those ones where you start and then halfway in you're just wishing you could do anything BUT be stripping the frickin' wall... It was a labour of love! If I've learnt anything from all this decorating it's that stripping, sanding and priming are parts not to be ignored. ANNOYINGLY.

File 06-02-2016, 7 56 17 pm.jpeg

When that was finally done, we got doing layers of the off white blush colour for the walls (we ended up going with Valspar's Apricot whisper. Marley even chipped in :)

File 06-02-2016, 7 51 32 pm.jpeg

Good old hubby got working on the ceiling colour. This sounds like I did nothing but I swear I did...

File 06-02-2016, 7 51 50 pm.jpeg

Done. Then came the fun part...

As you see in the mockup I'd decided on this hand painted Memphis inspired pattern. It was fine doing it in a small area to test it, but now I had to do a whole section of wall! SHIT MY PANTS!

What if I started and then I messed up a bit? 

I had to just go for it. I started small and then kept standing back and checking it. If you're going to do this then that part is KEY!

hand painted wall art

I used a tapered paintbrush and didn't really load up the brush, just used a slight sweep of paint so it had a sort of brushed effect rather than a blob. I also tried to use my eyes to evenly space out each stroke.

I started in the middle where I wanted it to be most dense then spread out and made the gaps larger at the sides. The only way you can really do this is by eye. It's not 100% perfect but I think it's ended up well. 

Top tip - You could also use a washing up sponge or a potato with a shape cut out to make each stroke more even, but personally I like the brush effect so I went with that. 

Getting around the pipes was a bit fiddly so I tried to stand back and do a sort of 3D effect so that it continued over the pipes depending on which angle you stood at. Don't know how successful that was but whatever!

toddle girls bedroom ideas

You'll now have to stay tuned to see the finished look in a couple of weeks time, or you can grab a copy of Home Style magazine which has a full house tour and interview with me! More on that in a coming post.

What do you think? Would you brave hand painting a motif on a wall in your home?

S x