I just discovered something amazing, and I have to share it. As if the 60s midcentury modern vibes of sun-soaked Palm Springs wasn't enough on its own, I recently found out via Instagram that they also play host to a little something that's run every February called Modernism Week, and it's blowing my frickin' mind. 

Ok so wind back a few steps.

If you don't know much about Palm Springs yet, here's a little rundown.

This area has the largest concentration of midcentury modern architecture anywhere in the world. The style is dubbed 'desert modernism' and has a very distinctive look. Bright whites, clean lines, glass, palm trees, open living areas and an amazing way of merging indoor and outdoor spaces. They almost always have incredible, crisp, deep blue swimming pools. SWOON.

The iconic Kaufmann house, designed by Richard Neutra in 1946 

The iconic Kaufmann house, designed by Richard Neutra in 1946 

The area became a favourite of hollywood celebrities apparently when the movie studio in Hollywood imposed a 2 hour rule - that any movie star they were working with had to be within two hours travelling distance of the studio. So it made a perfect getaway from the busyness of the city for all of our young starlets. 

You're starting to see why I'm obsessed right?

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Along with amazing residential homes, the area also plays host to an amazing choice of modernist hotels, including the; 

Parker Hotel

The suguaro hotel palm springs

and the incredible Sunnylands Centre and Gardens (not a hotel but still amazing).

Modernism week is based in Palm Springs and comprises of over 250 events, including home tours, lectures, interviews with celebrities and costume designers, nightly parties and so much more. There's even a whole party dedicated to Mad Men, with the creators of the show partying alongside you at the 1962 designed Abernathy house, decked out with martini's Bossa Nova music and all you could imagine of the period. 

Like Mad Men? See this blog post I wrote about how to achieve Mad Men style in your home!


This event is on my bucket list for sure. Wait till you see me on this blog in a year or two's time, sippin' martini's during modernism week in Palm Springs!

Whilst we battle with minus degrees and pissing down rain, you can still get your fix of modernism here in the UK. Why not come along to my recommend event, the Midcentury Modern show at Dulwich College on the 28th Feb '16?

What do you think, could this be the trip of a lifetime for mid-mod architecture lovers like me?

S x