cheap memory foam mattress

Things with my ex-mattress had gotten really bad. You will never understand the joy of a new mattress arriving on your doorstep until you have been sleeping on one with springs that literally prods you in various points of your back throughout the night and has you waking up aching. You know what it's like with those kind of practical purchases though, it's always going to the back of the queue behind oh, I don't know, new cushions and a taxidermy penguin ornament or something. It's also something that once you've decided you want rid of then you want it sorted and a new one arriving ASAP. It's like once that switch goes on, everything about your current mattress becomes unbearable. 

So when Mattress Next Day got in touch to see if I wanted to receive a new mattress from their range guess what my answer was?!

Also, you guys need to understand quite how excited my hubby was when I told him that the end of our morning back pain was in sight. Brownie points for moi!

cheap memory foam mattress

Once I knew that a new mattress was on the horizon I excitedly went to the Mattress Next Day website (no prizes for guessing what their USP is, next day delivery!) and picked out something suitable. There's loads of information on each one, and as I had no idea about the difference between memory foam, orthopaedic, pocket sprung or anything else this was really helpful in helping me make a decision. As I was ordering online I wanted to make sure that I got it right as I couldn't test them out physically. 

In the end I went for the pocket coolmax 2000 from Kayflex which was £199 reduced from £239. Bargain! This one had a mix of temperature sensitive foam and pocket springs with a coolmax comfort cover which helps to draw moisture away from your body as you sleep. Perfect for damp rooms or those who get a bit warm during the night. I used to have a memory foam mattress and every night I'd get super sweaty. Attractive, I know. You're imagining it now aren't you?

cheap memory foam mattress

Needless to say, this mattress is bloody heavenly I tell thee! It's not as sink-y as memory foam which I like, and it has enough support to feel great for our backs but also be really cosy. 

I have to say mornings have got a whole lot more bearable with this baby around. Talking of babies (well, toddlers) Marley also seems to be sleeping in our bed a lot more since we got it... coincidence?!

Check out Mattress Next Day and their fab range of mattresses at great prices, all delivered the next day. Boom!

S x

*I was gifted my mattress in return for this post but as always have given a completely honest review and would not share anything that I didn't think to be of interest to you, my darling readers!*