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Hey guys! Thing have been really crazy around here lately. That's for another post, but it's all good. Lots of great work coming in, including this awesome interior design project that I recently took on for a lovely new client called... Sarah! No it's not me, it's just another fabulous lady called Sarah (obvz). Anyway, Sarah has just moved into a new rental and asked me to bring some life to the bedroom, which at the moment looks like this. Mmmm, estate agent lens.



Plus points? The rest of the flat is lovely! Haha! On the real though the room isn't too big so just a few pieces will make it look great within the budget of £1500. It's also in good condition and layout wise the bed is already positioned in what I think is the best layout for the room so no huge changes there. Sarah also doesn't need any storage in that room as she has a wardrobe elsewhere in the flat, so I can just go to town on making it super spesh for her. Also, the landlord has said we can paint walls and do some basic drilling if needs be.

Negative points? It's a little boxy without much room on either side of the bed. The bed has to stay, which is a shame but I can work around it and create distractions around the rest of the room so that the eye isn't drawn there!

So let's get into it...


For all of my clients I put together a full design proposal, so I'll share little glimpses of it throughout this post as that's what I present to the client. I have no idea if this is what other interiors designers do, it just works for me!


I've always loved the combination of real neutrals with shocking brights, and I've discovered a great Taupe shade that I want to use on a project. When Sarah told me she was after a boudoir feel that was still modern, I thought this could be the perfect place to try the combo which is often seen in fashion but not so much in interiors. I always start with a concept, this time it was the combination of old meets new, especially ringing true with her flat which was a new build. I started thinking about which traditional style boudoir pieces I could use without it looking totally out of place. 


sarah akwisombe interior design

Let me talk you through the scheme. BUT WAIT!

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The walls are Taupe (Paint By Conran's Giant Bamboo) and the back wall behind the headboard of the bed will be a floor to ceiling concrete wall mural provided by Surface View. The Concrete mural provides much needed texture in a new build that lacks any exciting features. Around the same time I started putting this scheme together I had just started assisting 2 Lovely Gays and their new house was an amazing space with half-peeling wallpaper and old plaster. I think that inspired me a bit. 


As the bed is already in place and can't be changed I want to bring some old period style furniture into the room so I found the beautiful stand up ornate gilt mirror from The French Bedroom Company which will become a key piece. I've added a typical french style bedside table which is normally totally not my look but I think once it's styled with super modern acrylic accessories it's going to look awesome. The french period theme is continued with the Louis Ghost chair by Phillipe Starck in a pink shade. Ok, I know this chair is used a lot but for this room it's perfect - period french influences in an exciting modern material. 


I want something quite angular, bright, abstract and modern. This print from surface view is perfect and incorporates the colours I want to bring into the scheme - neon brights. 


The Heal's junction pendant in copper provides some much needed metallics and a really cool and contemporary shape. Some extra lighting will be brought in, in the form of a table lamp and some other bits, but I'll save those for the reveal!

Soft Furnishings.

I want to use a very soft and luxurious fabric for the curtains, ideally a flat velvet in a colour which almost matches the wall colour exactly. I don't want to create any blocks of distracting colour outside of the bed and wall area. The main focal point will be provided by the two Tretchikoff print cushions which add loads of colour and a fun kitsch edge. 

The rug is a bright coraly-orangey-red colour and will add a final pop of colour. 


You never really know what you want to do with accessories until the very end (especially when you work in styling!) but I've added a couple in to show the theme. The greyhound is a little bit quirky and the brightly coloured bust once again fulfils the old meets new vibe. 


I now have to pitch the scheme to the client and get her feedback.... stay tuned for part 2! I'd love to know what you think and how you would improve the scheme?

S x