cool storage ideas

I think this is one of my most asked questions from readers and friends of mine (or anyone for that matter) when I mention that I 'do' interior design / styling for a living. Being a city dweller myself and seeing that there is practically NO SPACE (not an exaggeration) for well, all of our shit, means that it's always necessary to look for space saving storage solutions. But, the problem is that half of the time they look pants. But fear not, I'm here to save your eyes with some storage pieces that don't look wack. 

1. The shove everything in it grown-up toybox

It's a big gold box. It looks sexual from the outside but inside is big and cavernous and can literally just have all of your crap shovelled into it. This would be PERFECT for kids toys, or general child debris. Plus you can add more boxes from the range in different sizes and shapes as you go, building an effective modular storage unit. Boss. Bocksey, Habitat, £290

2. The 'yes I'm really this neat and tidy' coffee table

I love this coffee table. It's got a lovely deep walnut coloured veneer and antique brass finished legs in a clean rectangle shaped design. That alone would urge me to choose it but WAAAAIT! It's only gone and bloody well got a built in hidden storage space inside! That's a great space to stash magazines, remotes and general tit tat that always seems to end up on a coffee table. Also, when the lid is lifted you can use it as a handy ledge for eating cake. Storage coffee table, West Elm, £449

3. The blink and you'll miss it magazine rack

Getting storage up and off of the floor is a great way to maximise space. Look at adding shelves or storage boxes up high or wall shelves such as this to store magazines and books. This one only takes two screws to be up and in place and is only twenty quid. Bargs! Wall bin shelf, Urban Outfitters, £20


4. The bench that makes storage edgy and industrial

I always find that my hallway is an awkward place for shoes with nowhere to sit when putting said shoes on to leave the house. This bench doubles up as a storage bench with handy racks for you to store your kicks, so you get the best of both. You could also use it as a modern seating area for a dining table and store napkins or table linens in the frame. Bench with Shoe Rack, Graham & Green, £295

5. The 'ahhh, this is where my plants can go' shelving unit

Here's a bit of urban storage if I ever saw it! I think this would look perfect in a bathroom, used to display botanical plants and succulents. However, it would also work as a shower rack unit or in the kitchen pretty well too. Spray paint it gold if you want a little bit of a blingy finish. 4 tier industrial shelving unit, Rockett St George, £48

6. The kitchen helper on wheels

Trolleys are a great place to store things that you need to use often but want to be hidden away when not being used. This Ikea trolley is perfect for the kitchen, use it to store pots, pans, condiments or even laundry detergents etc. Just slide it under the counter or to the side when not in use. It comes in three colours too, and would also work just as well in a bathroom or for a makeup area. Råskorg trolley, Ikea, £49

7. The humble brag hipster bike display mount

Oh well aren't you so healthy! If you're one of those nutters that likes to ride around London on a bicycle dodging buses then feel free to show off your penchant for extreme sports and healthiness by displaying your bike on the wall. This bike hook gets your bike off of the floor where it can be tripped over or fall over and turns it into a cool piece of wall art. Functional and funky. Wow that was a cringey statement... Multi functional bike shelf, Etsy, £93

8. The 'I'm so grown up' velvet ottoman

I think the only people who used the word 'ottoman' are grown ups. But I'm 30 now so I think that I'm entitled to use it too. These little guys are actually pretty handy for storing bed linens, blankets and spare towels when not in use and they're a great end-of-the-bed addition if you have the space for it. I'm a sucker for olive green and velvet, so the fact that this combines both AND  a bit of storage made this one a sure fire number 8. Large slouchy storage ottoman, Debenhams, £420

9. The oh-so-trendy wire basket

Bit of an old favourite this one, and that's because it doesn't disappoint. A great price point with nice, statement design that will add a bit of eclectic cool to your place. Chuck in some cosy blankets for next to the sofa or if you fancy being really posh you can use them to carry your laundry to and from the machine. Not sure how space saving that would be but you'd look pretty fly doing it. Which is just as important. Large wire basket, H&M home, £12.99

10. The 'help me I still don't have enough storage' bed

Most ottoman beds are absolutely dire in terms of design, but the 'Ava' is pretty damn sexy on its own with retro style geometric padding and a range of fabric shades to choose from. Add into the mix that the mattress lifts to reveal another storage space on hydraulics, and I think you could call that pretty Pimpin. I need this bed in my life! Ava upholstered storage bed, Living It Up, £929

So there you have it, ten not-so-wack storage solutions for your city pad. 

Do you have any suggestions that didn't make the list? Share them with everyone below in the comments! 

S x