It's the standard question to hear in an interview with a creative. 'Where do you find inspiration?' For some it might be art galleries, museums, travel or nature. For me, I'm always inspired by heavily stylised movies. Yes, even though I do interiors I can pull so much inspiration from them. Colours, patterns, materials, general vibe. Here are ten cult movies that have without doubt influenced my personal style.


This is probably the epitome of a cult movie and yes it's hella obvious, but boy... this film can do no wrong in my eyes. From Mia's 'modern' pad (or at least modern in the time it was made) to the classic-car-come-booth in Jack Rabbit Slims, this film just oozes cool. Everything is effortless and has an outskirts of society, I don't give a fuck type vibe. Which I'm pretty happy to think I may have taken on a little bit. 


I watched this as a teen and fell in love with all of it. ALL OF IT. The cars, the Hawaiian shirts, the neon lights, the tacky Mexican inspired religious paraphernalia. What a dream! Baz Luhrmann is such a G at creating that kitsch, almost tacky but not vibe. Just thinking about this film gives me goosebumps. This surely has to be one of the most stylish movies of all time?


Fall in love with 60s Paris by watching this coming of age film. An education takes you through the height of chic in 60s London and then Paris. The soft, dreamy colouring of the film and the interiors of the bars and restaurants that the key characters frequent are just stunning. A must see for anyone into the chicer side of the 60s.


This film is without a doubt one of the most mental I've ever seen. It's completely abstract and surrealist, meaning that none of it makes a lot of sense but it's just so aesthetically pleasing! If you're into anything a bit odd then you need to check this out. The pattern and colour palette of this film is absolutely perfect.


Any girl growing up in the 90s will totally feel me on this one. Cher's mansion with the walk in wardrobe that chose her outfits, the sweeping staircase, the jeeps, the tartan, OH THE TARTAN! Who couldn't say that this film has influenced what they consider to be the perfect girls pad? Just me?!


I accidentally stumbled across this film when I was in Switzerland performing at an arty festival back in my music days. It was playing as part of an installation around a corner somewhere and my husband and I became transfixed. The house featured in this film is literally my dream pad. Indoor water features, 60s modernism. YES PLEASE.


It's a little bit more 60s chic. Sorry I can't help it! Grace Kelly absolutely steals the spotlight in this film that combines some of the most glamorous and classy fashion I've ever seen with some beautiful scenery and exquisite interiors. Filmed in the Carlton hotel in Cannes, think marble and lots of vintage luxury. 


There's a bit of a theme here isn't there?! This includes some beautiful shots of Paris, both in the present day and when the lead character played by Owen Wilson starts to time travel through yesteryear. My favourite is the house with all the taxidermy they go to in the 20s. I need a room in my house like that. 


If you're more of a maximalist than a minimalist (check!) then this is a great one for you. Marie Antoinette was known for her blinding excess and Sophia Coppola's take on the great Queen's life of ruffling feathers and being a bit of an eccentric is a smash. Pastel colour, cakes, florals upon florals and some seriously gaudy yet fabulous design.


When Jack, Wendy and Danny move into an out of season and isolated hotel, strange goings on start happening. Ok, we all know this classic horror story but I am just as enthralled by the interiors of the hotel as the storyline. The interiors are so full on, from the honeycomb geometric carpet to the blood red bathroom stalls, there is always something to be sucked in by. 

So those are my fave ten creatively inspiring movies, there were loads that didn't make the final list but I'd love to know what your picks would be! Share a comment below :)

S x

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