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Hey hey! I've just decided I'm going to start doing little photo diaries whenever I have days out that might be of interest, and just general interiors / design led lifestyle stuff too! Recently I had a full day of meetings in London and I managed to cram in a few design shopping and inspiration stops along the way. Wanna see?


My first meeting of the day was at Berner's Tavern, a restaurant located with the London Edition hotel. You might have seen people posting pictures on instagram or seen it featured in magazines because it's pretty new and special. The decor is amazing, it's wall to ceiling fabulous and you gotta go check it out if you want to go somewhere a bit swanky but still cool.

Brunch is quite affordable and you'll really impress whoever you take! I need to head back so that I can do a full Dinner & Decor review.

Thanks to Lizzie from Amara for taking me there! 


H&M home oxford circus

After finishing up at Berner's I took a short stroll to Oxford Circus and took a peek in H&M home as I've always ordered online so wanted to check some bits out in person. I picked up a tea towel and shower curtain which are featured in my July favourites video if you haven't seen it yet. 

The tea towel will actually be used as a backdrop for some still life pics and the shower curtain is hanging in my bathroom as we speak. 


I had a little time to kill before my next meeting so I took a wander over to Liberty's. Now if you're not from London let me just tell you about Liberty's - It's a department store unlike no other! Founded in 1875, the building still remains and all of the original panelling is still in place. It feels like you're walking around somebody's English country mansion that's been turned into the most heavenly shop. Designer goods nestle amongst quirky, independent wares.

You can read more about the building here and it was even featured in a documentary which was pretty great viewing. 

Even if you're not buying you need to go along just to have a look around which is exactly what I was doing. I headed straight to the interiors section to see what was on offer this month. The House of Hackney concession was fun and the Wrong for Hay area reminded me that I still need to get myself one of those Nathalie Du Pasquier cushions!


I really love this brand, every time I go in I find about 800 pieces of clothing that I want! For now I'll just share these 3 which have made my wish list. I popped in after Liberty's.

If you're wondering why I snap pics of clothes it's because I find it a good way to stop myself from splurging on the spot. I take a pic and then if I still like it in a month's time I'll order it online or go and buy it.

It doesn't work for homewares though, for some reason because it's my job I can always justify the splurge. Dangerous!


smug islington

All this and it wasn't even lunchtime yet! I headed over to Angel to visit SMUG, an independent lifestyle store with a kitsch, 50s focus. They have a little cafe in the basement so after a freshly squeezed orange juice with Amy from Rumour PR, I took a nosey around the shop, snapping things I loved along the way.

There was a lot!

I bought a sheet of the banana illustrated gift paper and a notebook for my friend's birthday. I could have easily bought so much more but was on a budget! After a root around SMUG I met a friend and fellow blogger for lunch and then jetted (or more like tubed, trained, bussed) home to catch up on work. 

So that's a little insight into a typical day in town having meetings. I'd love to know if you like these kid of posts - is this something I should do as an overview photo diary at the end of each month or do it as and when I have fun filled days? I'd love to know your thoughts so leave a comment below and let me know what you want to see. 

S x

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