If you've been following me for a while you'll remember that last year I was lucky enough to win the best newcomer at the Amara interior blog awards. It was one of the happiest moments of my life, a moment that truly was a sign from the universe that I was doing the right things with a change of career and starting over. It meant SO much.

I'm so excited to announce that this year I've been nominated again! Except this year the competition is a lot more fierce. Last year I was in the newcomer category, but this year I'm in a category against world renowned interior designers like Abigail Ahern and Kelly Hoppen for christ's sake (says the little girl from Croydon who has never had an interiors qualification or any training and is basically winging it)!

I need your help.

I have to get enough votes to get shortlisted to the final 5 that the judges will choose from. I know it may seem like the tiniest chance that I can win two years in a row but.... stranger things have happened and I know I deserve it.

Please take 10 seconds (literally) to vote for me here.

As always, it's HUGELY appreciated! Thankyou all so much!

S x