Gray & Willow

Now you know I'm a pattern and prints kinda girl but every now and then I can embrace a bit of subtlety. I especially find some earthy neutrals great when paired with bold statement pieces to really create a nice juxtaposition and contrast of styles. I think of neutrals and natural textures as a solid, grounded base to add layers of fun on top of! So when I was invited down to check out Gray & Willow, the new home and fashion brand to be launched from House of Fraser, I was intrigued to take a look at this new brand that all about soft, cosy and earthy textures and materials for the home. 

First off, the venue that was used was incredible! It used to be an old school and is apparently about to be knocked down to build flats - *unimpressed face*. The way these new developers come in and build shitty paper thin building on top of once beautiful old architecture like this really saddens me! The courtyard had been beautifully dressed and upon entrance I was even met by Aveda staff who gave me a little shoulder massage... bliss!

I went straight to the home section and got feeling out some of the tactile textures of natural materials and fabrics. Really cosy stuff! 

The bedlinens were sublimely soft and I'll be looking out for those when they arrive on the market later this year. I was also really taken with some of the dinner and serveware in interesting patterns and earthy materials. 

I also took a little stroll around the fashion collection and was really pleasantly surprised to find a good handful of key neutral pieces and marble-esque prints that were really cleverly made - like a cardigan with a zip halfway down to transform it into a short jacket. Genius!

Press show are a great way to learn about the vision behind the collections and this was no different. Moodboards and design schemes stood around the room welcoming viewers to really understand the thought process behind the looks. 

My favourite piece in the collection by far was the bubble glass that was displayed around the room so imagine my JOY when I found one inside my goodie bag! Woop woop! With a little help from my facebook group (dream pad wanted - you can join by clicking here and requesting access) I've decided that I'm going to turn it into a terrarium! Looking forward to that project which of course I'll share.

bubble glass

So what do you think of House of Fraser's new label Gray & Willow? See any snuggly bits that you'll be getting up close and personal with this autumn / winter?!

S x