window box plants

Hey! The sun is out here in the UK at the moment, and with it comes a whole new list of wishes for me. I wish I had a garden. I wish I had a pool. I wish I was rich so that I can have a garden and a pool....  All this sitting inside with only a poor excuse for a communal garden got me thinking that I needed to see something beautiful, colourful and natural. So I decided to take some of the crappy terracotta window boxes that were left behind from the previous owners and jazz up my windowsills with some window flower boxes. This is perfect for you if a) you don't have proper outside space and b) you have no bloody idea what you're doing when it comes to gardening. Because I don't either!

What you need

1. Some window boxes (these look perfect) with holes for drainage at the bottom (this is so your plants / flowers can drain away any water that they don't want to drink)

how to plant window boxes

2. Pieces of broken terracotta or pebbles to line the bottom of the window box (this helps the drainage holes I mentioned above to not get clogged up with mud, so allows the water to drain better)

planting window boxes for apartment

3. Compost (I used miracle-gro potting mix after asking someone at the store - cos as if I have any idea about which soil to use?!)

soil for window box

4. Plants / flowers (how many will depend on the size of your window box, I used 3 for each)

plants for window boxes

I chose the following flowers:

  • the bigger pinky one is a 'New Guinea'
  • two small 'Hedera' plants (they look like ivy)
  • White 'Bacopa' (small white flowers trailing down)
  • a 'Nemesia' in Blueberry ripple (this is the one with small purple flowers and smells GORGEOUS!)
  • a 'Euphorbia Breathless' which has branch like stems and tiny white spindly flowers

All of the equipment and flowers above came to just over £20, but I didn't need to buy window boxes as I already had them.

Step 1

painting teracotta window boxes

This is an additional step that you won't have to do if you don't want to, but I decided to paint my boxes. We have a lot of dark paintwork in our house so I thought some dark boxes would look really nice, and also contrast well with the white exterior walls. I used 'Rainy Slate' from Paint by Conran as I had some tester pots around. Tester pots come in so handy sometimes!


A couple of coats and they were done. I also painted the rim and down the inside a bit so that you would only see the dark grey even when the flowers were planted. 

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Step 2

plants for window boxes

Add your pebbles! Just lay a thin layer at the bottom. Mine were probably a bit too small so maybe try some slightly larger ones. 

Step 3

window flower boxes

Lay a light layer of soil at the bottom of your box, and then start to place your plants (still in the pots) so you can get an idea of how you want them to look. I tried a few variations. My daughter Marley helped me!

window flower boxes
window flower boxes

Step 4

window flower boxes

Now you want to take them out apart from the middle one. Start to put compost in around it - but leave it in it's tub! So pack pack pack and then remove the main plant and you'll be left with a nice hole to put your plant into.

window flower boxes

Knock it out of the tub by giving it a firm smack on the bottom of the tub and then put it into the hole you've made. Do the same for the rest of the plants (place it in still in the tub, make a whole for it, then plant it in after knocking out of the tub). 

Step 5

window flower boxes
window flower boxes

Put soil around the flowers / plants to pack them in and press around firmly so that the compost gets packed down a bit. Give them a little water sprinkling....

and Voila!

window flower boxes
window flower boxes

This was all so easy, and I literally had no idea what I was doing. So yeah, if I can do it then you can. It took about 15 minutes for each box. So quick!

When I was in the gardening centre I just asked the staff which plants were best for window boxes and they pointed me towards the right flowers. They were in a 'potting' section anyway so it was kind of easy to work out which ones would be ok in the window box. Just ask for help!

Here are the boxes adorning my window sills and making me smile every day :)

Hopefully I've inspired you to get all green fingered! Is this something you'd try out to brighten up your pad?

S x