In my flat I'm always switching around little objects to create new vignettes when I get bored of a look. Luckily I have so many random pieces and accessories that it's quite easy to create a whole new theme if I'd like. I just need to run around the flat and see what randomness I can find! I was lucky enough to have a sexy new brass and glass Huxley side table from Within to style for my living room so I've tried out three very different styles. Some of my fave bloggers like Swoonworthy have been doing these types of posts recently and I thought you may like it too. I show you how you can do the same, and my tips on how to style your side table in a few ways!


Firstly, if you enjoy creating vignettes then it's worth always keeping an eye out for little trinkets and decorative objects. OK, they may not serve a purpose... well actually they do - BEAUTY! I find the best accessories for styling in charity shops, things like car boot fairs, antiques market and places like that. The high street stores and even some of the cheaper places like Dunelm often have some great little pieces too. You just need to keep an eye out really - you may be in the tackiest shop on earth and you'll find an absolute gem!

I grabbed a selection of pieces from around the flat and this was the first look I created on my beautiful new Huxley side table!

This look has a kind of old worldly, masculine, gentlemen's library type feel. In order to create this style I picked out objects that had a more dark and mysterious palette of reds, blacks and gold. The glass decanters and glasses added a bit of a sophisticated, loungey feel, and the phrenology head and heron lamp added a little bit of English Quirk. 

I tend to keep the taller objects towards the wall because then they don't block the rest of the pieces when you're styling, but it also worked aesthetically for the shots too. 

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This look was probably the most outside of my comfort zone (girly, eeek) but I actually really loved it when I was done. I went for a few more rustic pieces with old books that I picked up from a charity shop for a recent photoshoot, some dried hydrangeas displayed in a simple glass bottle, gift boxes and a tall vase. I kept the palette pretty pastel-y, avoiding any strong contrasts or vivid shades. That helped to keep the look soft and more feminine. 

This look was probably the most 'me'. I used a variety of monochrome and metallic pieces and of course threw in some retro / vintage bits and a green plant to give it a bit of life. The candelabra was a recent spray paint jobby. The black and white photos is actually an old one of my grandparents with my dad when he was a baby. It was taken in the early 60s, my fave era! The Art Deco style panther was borrowed from my hallway (you can see the before and after makeover of that space here) but worked really well. That's why it's great to have random bits and bobs everywhere as you can just move them around as you please. Also if you believe in energy fields and feng shui etc, then it's really good to move pieces around often as negative or stagnant energy can stick around unmoved objects. My friend actually got me some white sage for 'smudging' too, which is worth looking into if you're a bit of a hippy like me!

Make sure to check out the full range from Within home, one of my new fave suppliers!

I just loved all of these looks. They're all quite different but cool in their own right. I guess the big question is, which one do you think I should keep as a permanent fixture?!

S x