gold spray paint

Let me tell you, I have been looking for months to find the right kind of light fixture for our bedroom. It needed to spread a lot of light, ideally upwards, have a retro look, not cost the earth... and of course be gold. I also wanted to spend less than £100. I know, who am I kidding right?! I don't ask for much. But low and behold, when Homebase got in touch and asked if I wanted some vouchers to try out some of their products, by George. - I flippin' cracked it. All thanks to a little thing called gold spray paint...

So what I wanted was some retro 70's Sciolari action. But I couldn't afford it (not yet anyway!) Imagine this, but brass.

how to spray paint a chandelier

I had searched high and low for such a piece (with my million and one caveats) with no luck. 

Anyway, in the meantime the good folks over at Homebase got in touch and offered me some vouchers to try out their products. I wasn't quite sure what I was going to get from the store when I went over to my local one but I knew there'd be a great selection of bits for doing some improvements to the flat. I was thinking plants, odd jobs, painting etc... but I wasn't expecting to find the perfect light fitting for our bedroom! A genuinely pleasant surprise.

The Madaline light was just £51.99 and had the exact style that I wanted. Quite 60s, a few arms, pointing upwards and that almost Sciolari look. 

Buuuuuut it was chrome. 


But hang on a second, I'd seen loads of bloggers talking about spray painting things to get the desired colour but I'd just never got round to trying it. I have to say in the past I haven't been the most 'crafty' of chicks, but as my design career grows so do my DIY efforts. So maybe now was my chance?

Considering Homebase had a big range of spray paint including the Rustoleum Metallic range which I'd heard was very good, I hopped it down to the store and grabbed one can of primer and one can of gold metallic paint, both by Rustoleum. 

I also picked up a really nice candelabra by Habitat which is now stocked at Homebase (great range by the way, worth checking out by clicking here). It was super handy that everything was under one roof.

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I really liked the style but again it was in chrome, so I thought that could be a good tester before I got to the light fixture, considering I'd never done it before!

So was it a dopeness or a disaster?!

Here's how it went, and here's how you can achieve the same look.


STEP 1 - Prep

gold spray paint

Lay out your dust mat and put your mask on. You will want to do this outside, trust me. It really is pungent and will absolutely stink out your place if you do it inside!

Place your object of choice on the mat and try to make sure it's not sinking into the grass (mine was, oops) if you're doing it outside as then you'll need to go back over those areas. Use masking tape to cover any areas you don't want to get paint on. 

Learn from my mistakes and save yourself some time...

STEP 2 - Prime

spray painting gold

Grab your primer and shake it up for ages. You need to do it until you hear the balls start clanking and then keep going for about another minute. Creating light layers, spray from a little distance away start to cover your piece from your first angle. You'll soon work out how far away to do it and what kind of sprays to use, but I'd start further back and come forward if you need to. It's better to start further away then start super close and have it all running down your object creating drips. That is what you want to avoid! So start further away and come a bit closer when you're comfortable with the can.

If you do get any dribbles then don't panic, just dab them down to remove the blob with a tissue and re-spray with a light layer.

NOTE: DO NOT SKIP THE PRIMER. If you skip it's likely that your gold spray paint won't adhere very well to the surface of your object and it's likely to require more layers to cover and more importantly it may flake off once dry and being handled, which is not very sexy. Is it now?

STEP 3 - Layer up

gold spray paint

Continue building up light layers of primer, moving around from all angles. Make sure you also lie on the floor and look up at it, then stand above (you get the picture). It's so easy to miss certain angles so really do try and get all around that shizzle. Light layers of primer dry pretty quickly, especially if it's a warm day, so you can build up your layers of primer pretty fast. Leave a few minutes between layers just to make sure it's dry.

Once I had practised on my candelabra I went on to the light fixture. This required a bit of moving around between layers to make sure that all of the angles of each arm were covered. 

Step 4 - Go for gold

spray painting gold

OMG exciting, guess what you can do now? Spray some gold paint! AHHHHH!

It's getting serious now, so take your time and make sure you don't get excited and get too close! Soft light layers and leave at least a few minutes between these layers. Remember to check all of your angles and JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME.

gold spray paint

Step 5 - touch ups

gold spray paint

After you have covered your piece and you're happy with it then just leave it to dry. I noticed after inspecting mine that it had managed to catch a few bits of fluff so I decided to give it an ever so slight sand down and do a couple of last layers a day later. 


Super easy right? I think you'll be just like me and start spray painting everything in sight now. It really does open up a whole new world of opportunities!

Here's how my 'tester' candelabra came out... really pleased with it! 

And here's the light fixture after a lovely new coat of gold paint. Looking every inch the retro dream I hoped it would! I've booked in the electrician to come and put this one up for me (please don't even talk to me about trying to put that up between me and my husband) so I'll share some pics when it's in place. Exciting! For now you can just ogle some pics of my hubby modelling it (i.e holding it up in my living room).

So what do you think of my efforts? I'm well chuffed! Can't wait to get that light fixture up in our bedroom. Do you think this is something you'd try now that I've shared all of my mistakes?!

S x