Photo from  Anahi restaurant , Paris

Photo from Anahi restaurant, Paris

Been feeling like your bathroom or kitchen could do with an update but don't have much dollar to spend? Read on my friend. A week or so ago I was over in Kensington having dinner at Balans Soho Society and I noticed in the bathrooms they had used a coloured grout. At that moment I realised I've been seeing this around a little bit at the moment, not enough to really call it a trend as such (and we all know this isn't the place to find out about trends anyway) but enough to peak my interest! I think coloured and metallic grouting is such a cool way to update your bathrooms or kitchens and even if you have a quite neutral or traditional design you can spice it up a bit with this trick.

Let's take a look and get some inspo!

First up, Anahi in Paris and its designer, Maud Bury, have done a remarkable job of turning an old decaying space into one of the chicest new restaurants in Paris. Copper leaf has been used to fill in the cracks and chips from years of usage to create something completely unique and of its time. 

gold grouting
gold grout

Why not go for a real injection of vibrancy with a neon yellow or pink?

neon yellow grout
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Or try a shade of Blue that almost looks Black until you look closely. Those kind of subtle details can be sooo clever and create a real talking point. Don't you just love the neon Pink handwash against the Blue? Sexual. 

blue grout

and 'scuse the not so greatly styled pic but there is such a thing as GLITTER GROUT! And yes in this pic here it doesn't really look all that fab but knowing you and with your style you'll make it look awesome. Right?!

gold glitter grout

If you're thinking about trying this out and you're starting from scratch then you can either try the Mapei Gold, coloured or glitter range. Plus a little bird (AKA as this blogger) said you can just mix acrylic paint with your standard grout to create any colour you want. I think you'd need quite a lot of paint though. 

If you're going over grout that already exists you'd probably want to do it the proper way and pick it out and start again (but realistically, who has time for that?!), or you can try using a metallic / coloured paint and then using some kind of sealant. Go extra snazzy if you want to with some gold or copper leaf. I haven't tried any of this yet nor had an opinion from a professional so who knows if what I'm saying is completely wrong, but the most fun bit about interior design is trying stuff out in my opinion!

The best bit about this? It was really hard to find images to show you what I meant which means one thing... it hasn't come close to touching the masses yet, not even the fashionistas. So get on it and be one of the first. 

So is this a look you'd consider trying out at home? I'd love to hear what you think of coloured / metallic grout!

S x