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Earlier this week I was invited over to the House of Fraser head office to get an exclusive press preview of their new A/W home collection. Though I'm not one to follow trends to the T, I'm always interested to see different brands' takes on future trends and there are usually a number of pieces that can be pulled out and worked into any eclectic setting. I definitely found a few bits that I'll be picking up. So let's get into it! Here's what the HOF design team have in store for you after summer...

First I was shown the kitchenwares. There was still a focus on marble and metallics with some cool pops of colour from wire bowl accessories and tea towels. The copper honeycomb bowl is pretty cool!

But the kitchen piece that won me over most was this amazing knife block that is full of some kind of plastic strands that literally shape around your knife as you put them in.


Next I took a look at the different bedroom ranges. Alhambra is a Moroccan influenced range with ethnic influences, earthy tones, lots of blue and little flashes of metallics.

The Juxtapose range was all about colour, geometrics and a youthful energy. 

Next up, the highlands range was all about bringing the outside in, comprised of countryside style and traditional fabrics. It's not my usual style but I did love that herringbone fabric on the sofa.

The Biba home range was what I got really excited about! I love Biba stuff and even was lucky enough to get their Starburst Art Deco style dinnerware set for my birthday last year and absolutely love it!

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I've always been such an Art Deco fan (our home is a flat within an original Art Deco block), and I am starting to see this trend creep up in a lot of the major home retailers for A/W. In love with the cushions and that lamp!

Also was pretty chuffed to see they had used a wallpaper VERY similar to ours at home :)

Though I wanted to linger in this section all day there was more to see! 

First I had to get Nick, the HOF SEO manager who was showing me around to do a bit of bed modelling. As you do at press events.

Next! The Casa Couture range is House of Fraser's more high end home range consisting of a lot of dinnerware and a few select furnishing pieces. Lots of muted tones, contemporary lines and copper. 

Though my home is pretty much all brass, I did take a bit of a liking to the copper cutlery set. I wouldn't say no!

Lastly, LIVING by Christianne Lemieux was more up my street. An eclectic selection of bedding, furniture and decor pieces that mixed geometrics, metallics, trend and traditional pieces for a cool look. I loved the tubular brass table ornament and the patterned towels and will for sure be picking those up when they go on sale.

After finishing up in the homewares department, I thought why not take a look at the womenswear?! I know I am no fashion blogger by any means but from a personal point of view I'm always up for checking out what's going on fashion wise and to be honest I've never really shopped for clothing at HOF before. I get a few bits for the flat and beauty / gift wise but not really anything else. So I was pretty blown away by the selection! They have loads on offer that was actually more on my style than I thought it would be, plus their own labels are really good quality and fashion forward. 

Don't worry, I won't be taking a foray into fashion blogging any time soon, but it was fun to take a look around!

HOF also stock the amazing Biba range (cue me getting all fan girl again) and I stood for ages checking out the beautiful display and their selection of absolutely gorgeous pieces. I mean, look at that geometric print cape! That for sure is going to be one to save up for. I also loved their little selection of jewellery and bags.

That little leopard print cuff will also be on the shopping list. Wow I'm going to have to start saving!

And just like that it was over and I needed to head over to a client design meeting. As I left I got a little goody bag with a beautiful Linea scented candle and a Biba clutch! It's like all of my fan girl dreams came true. 

biba clutch bag

I still have to pinch myself sometimes that I get invited along to things like this. It's really cool to be able to see what the major retailers are predicting the new trends to be and get an exclusive first peek at the pieces that I can then share with you guys!

So which trend from House of Fraser did you like most? Any favourite pieces? Share your opinion in the comments below. 

S x