Every homeowner needs a handy drawer. You know the one I mean - where you keep all your little odds and bobs that make living well, just that little bit simpler. On shoots every stylist has a kit full of essential items to cover every circumstance. I've compiled ten of these must-have items which will save you from scrambling around to sort out problems because you'll be so bloody organised.

Whether you're a new or existing homeowner you need to make sure that you got these babies!

1. Sharp scissors

You never know when these will come in handy. Opening packages, cutting up your latest craft project or wrapping gifts for friends.

Pick up some super affordable ones from ikea or get a bit fancy with these designer scissors from HAY that would also make a great gift for a design minded friend (hint hint, it's my 30th birthday in June!)

2. Bag of tealights

Tealights can take a room from cold to cosy in a matter of seconds, but they do burn out pretty fast. Keep a bag full for any of those nights that you want to get a little ambient. Ikea and Tesco do large bags as will many supermarkets or home stores. 

3. Lighter Fluid + Long Handled Lighter

Long handled lighters make it super easy to get to fiddly candle wicks and the lighter fluid is actually used to remove the remnants of sticky labels, which comes in SO HANDY. Think about all those times you buy something great only to ruin it by having the glue of the sticky label not come off. A little stylists trick - lighter fluid rubbed on with a microfibre cloth will get that off in no time at all. 

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4. Microfibre cloth

These will get anything off and are perfect for buffing, polishing and cleaning, especially mirrored surfaces. I use these in my styling kit.

5. Screw and Bayonet bulbs

Keep a couple of standard bulbs of both fittings and a few backups for your main lights. Make a list of the ones that are used around your house in lamps etc, and next time you're out and pass some in the supermarket or wherever pick up extras. It may seem a bit OCD but trust me you'll thank me the next time a bulb goes out!

6. Blue Tack

Can be used to hold things together, stick candles into bases, prop up frames, keep items from sliding around... you name it. I probably use it for almost every single thing you can imagine OTHER than tacking things to the wall as I find it can leave a grease patch. Instead, for that I use...

7. Command 3m picture handing strips

These are perfect for anyone who wants to hang a picture on the wall with absolute ease and without drilling. They pull off without leaving any marks and are super strong.

Get white and black ones to suit both your light and dark walls. 

8. A bunch of tapes

As standard I would have parcel tape, masking tape, double sided tape, sellotape and gaffer tape. They all come in handy at different time and for different uses, but if I had to narrow it down to one must have then it's gaffer. Hides a multitude of sins sometimes... Tie a rope or ribbon through the centre of each roll to keep them all held together.

9. A small clean paintbrush + tester pots

Keep tester pots of your wall colours and a small, clean paintbrush in your drawer of essential items for any of those times that you need to do little touchups.

10. Superglue

A must for anyone who's a bit clumsy (like me). Make sure it's to hand for any smashes of vintage crockery or little ornaments. If you're quick you can almost seal it straight back to its original state. Well, a very good second best at least anyway!

So how many of these do you already have? Have you now got a shopping list?! I promise you these will make home life a lot simpler!

S x