Ralph Lauren Home

A couple of weeks back I was invited down to the Ralph Lauren home press launch for their new collection, Corral Canyon. Aside from swooning over the sheer luxury of the fabrics and quality of craftsmanship, the walk around their Fulham Road store was a real lesson in how to do luxury styling. The whole experience was nothing short of real aspirational living that drew the consumer (in this case me) in to visualising the world of RL. Let's take a closer look at the new collections and that gorgeous styling. Oh and read to the end for your chance to win a Ralph Lauren Home gift worth £75!

The first thing that hits you is the absolute attention to detail. I mean everyone and their wife knows about Ralph Lauren but I'd never really taken the time to really experience it. These beautiful brass handles to the entrance of the store were pretty special.

Upstairs I started to take in the new collections. First Corral Canyon, which is reminiscent of rustic, sun scorched California desert days (she says like she's ever been to California). Think tactile bleached leathers, rustic woods, cacti and a palette of fresh whites with warm coral tones. 

The styling here was pretty relaxed, note things like the sunglasses on the side table, stack of mags on the coffee table and loose linens draped over the end of the bed. It's still put together neatly but it doesn't feel at all stuffy or snobby. The green plants really help to add a natural vibe and the uneven wood finishes and tactile shapes of the dinnerware gives it that effortless, breezy California vibe. 

My stand out piece in this collection is the Sonora Canyon sling chair seen in the last two images. It's a somewhere between a tan and a coral coloured leather chair with brass buckling details. Yum.  

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Now onto the rest of the store. The dinnerware area was nothing short of amazing. Propped and styled to show off each collection's unique features. My fave was the Gwyneth collection (first pic) though I know you probably will love the leopard print too!

Think about how a department store would lay out their dinnerware, rows after rows stacked without any attempt at showing how the pieces may actually end up being displayed in your home. In theory you'd think that the more neat and organised something is, the more it screams luxury. In this case RL prove that you can do casual styling and make pieces look even more valuable.

Clever isn't it? Styling is always about envisioning the lifestyle that the piece represents. 

Now for a bit more Ralph Lauren Home dribble worthy material. I loved the lines of this crisp white armchair.

Similarly seen in this navy and chrome chair in another part of the store. Heart eyes. 

This bed setup was something that I envision in a dreamy, hot holiday destination. My husband is Tanzanian and we visited there for a month when we first got married. I can imagine that this is what our master suite will look like in our Tanzanian holiday home one day :)

The tree in the room just absolutely kills it. In a good way (obviously).

They also have a fabulous book section of the store, full of coffee table design book porn and luxurious decorative accessories. Crystal skull anyone? YES PLEASE!

I need that Arthur Elgort coffee table book, like yesterday. 30th Birthday present to me...


Finally I went on a bit of a roam checking out the fabrics of the cushions and throws. I had an immediate realisation of 'wow, this is what things are actually meant to feel like!'

The suede was softer then a baby's skin, the leather supple and tactile, the wool cosy and warm. There are no real words that can describe quite how beautifully luxurious these fabrics feel until you go and feel them yourself.

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I also checked out the scented candle range and was thoroughly impressed. In line with the Ralph Lauren vibe they were all subtle but had so much depth. Upper fifth was my favourite, and I'll be getting one for the flat soon. GORGE.

Overall, my tour of the Ralph Lauren Home store was like a slow, gorgeous waltz through the feeling of affluence and luxury. I may not be able to afford much of it now, but it's set the bar with taste and quality levels for sure. Once you've felt the real thing the high street knockoffs just can't compare. 

If you're like me and now wondering how you can get a little bit of the RL luxury into your home then ponder no more, as I have a fab gift for one lucky reader... could it be you?!

Ralph Lauren home
Ralph Lauren Home

I have one of these beautiful silver plated Bryce Bamboo frames worth £75 up for grabs! All you need to do is leave a comment below and tell me what your favourite piece from the images above is. 

That's it!

A winner will be drawn at random and announced on Saturday the 25th of April. Keep an eye on my Twitter feed and your inbox.

Good luck!

S x

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