My favourite thing about living in England is the change of seasons. Every time it happens it bring a whole wave of nostalgia and memories from the same season in years past. Before I got into interior design I really didn't understand the whole 'switching up your style dependent on season', but the more I get into it and the more I enjoy styling I see it as a chance to get excited about a revamped home look. It's a way to make your home feel all special and new again, or at least until the next season arrives. Along with Fishpools I've put together 10 fab ways that you can update your pad for Spring.

1. Refresh your bed, mattress or bedlinen (or all if you're ballin!)

We spend so much time in our beds, but if you're anything like me it's really easy to fall into that routine of never really switching it up. The other day me and hubby had a moment where we vowed to invest in a new mattress sometime soon because it's really getting bad for our backs. It made me realise how we can sometimes overlook the one thing thats most important to our health and happiness (just me?!)

A new bed frame or set of bed linens can make your bedroom feel super spesh again. I'm really in love with this Foxton bedstead by Tempur. The soft grey fabric and button back details gives proper traditional charm but would look really cool mixed with some modern accessories and art. I'm thinking a neon pink sign overhead. Add a tempur mattress and you're on cloud 9. 

Man, I so need a new bed. 

2. Cut down on the warm textures

Winter was all about getting snuggly in those warm cushion and throws. Spring isn't about getting rid of that completely but perhaps swapping out some of the warmer textures and introducing some new exciting patterns or interesting textures instead. Cushion covers are easy to swap in and out as the seasons pass so here is a good place to start. I just came across these cushions from Rockett St George  by American artist Chad Wys (check out his work, it's so cool) and really like them. This kind of thing isn't normally my style by they just work. Dope. 

3. Get reflecting

There is real actual natural light people! REAL LIGHT! FROM THE SKY! Celebrate the return to the suns lovely warm glows by accentuating any natural light within your home. Mirror are such a fab way to bounce light around, make a room appear bigger and also provide a bit of sexiness in the evenings. I don't think mirrors need to be boring either. This Crystalline effect mirrored wall piece from Fishpools is flippin' amazing and not only bounces light around but provides a talking piece too. Love it. 

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4. Switch up your scent

I've only recently discovered the joys of a good room scent. Yeah I've always been into scented candles but have really gotten into room sprays. I find the scent lingers for a lot longer and you can really get a good spritz all up in your curtains and cushions so that the scent blows nicely in that lovely breeze you'll be getting from having your windows open. Yes open I cry!

I love Jo Malone's Lime Basil and Mandarin. It's so fresh for spring and it's an absolute British classic. 

5. Flower power

Ooh we are in the good flower season my friend. It's easier and more affordable than ever to put together some beautiful collections of floral displays. I mean, it just goes hand in hand with spring right?! No excuses!


6. Create some new spring vignettes

The easiest way to switch up your interior and make it feel fresh and new is to grab all of your accessories and shift them around. Moves lamps between rooms, switch artwork, try accessories in different places. Over time your home becomes a little 'prop house' of a fabulous array of goodies that can be used to create new areas and vignettes whenever you feel like you need a breath of fresh air. I love to create little vignettes on bookshelves, sideboards and coffee tables and I change them around almost daily. Little accessories need not be expensive and the best sometimes come from picking up great little bits that catch your eye at boot fairs or vintage shows. 

I love this wooden jewellery hand from Urban Outfitters. Not only does it work as a jewellery stand but doubles up as a great little decorative object on top of a pile of design books too. 

7. Get ready to get social

If you're anything like me then during the winter months you'll hideout and be a bit of a hermit, but as soon as the sun starts to make an appearance you can't wait to start throwing dinner parties and inviting your homies round to chill over a cold Bloody Mary. Put the mugs to the back of the cupboard and get ready to have the perfect cocktail tumblers on hand. I love these Veronese tumblers. They're ever so slightly angled out at the bottom meaning they have a really tactile and contemporary feel. 

8. Be seated in style

In a continuation of no.7, it's so nice to have guests visit and be able to seat them in style. Nothing beats a really comfy and stylish dining chair and will have you head and shoulders above the rest. Get ready to become everyone's favourite host! Fishpools have an awesome range of dining chairs, from traditional to modern with everything in between. Here are my three faves, the Louis ghost, the Torino and the Masters

9. Lets go outside

With the warm evenings and BBQ weather on it's way now is the time to start thinking about outdoor furniture and getting your outside space barbecue ready! I really love when I go to my dads because he gas a great set of outdoor furniture that makes hanging outside so much more enjoyable than sitting around on some crappy old fold up chairs. Go for something a little different with a 70s chic hanging chair like the Tobago. 


10. Spring clean

Arggh, they call it Spring cleaning for a reason right? Yeah, I hate it too. But there is no denying that clearing out your cupboards, slimming down wardrobes and generally just getting rid of all the junk that has accumulated over the past 12 months is a pretty reinvigorating feeling. It's a necessary evil that one day I will be rich enough to pay someone to do for me! Until then, at least know that it's going to look great after. Oh and blast some 80s rock while you go. It's just so much more enjoyable...

At least get that clutter out of sight and out of mind. Decorate Ikea boxes for an inexpensive storage solution. I love this tutorial which shows you how to create Kate Spade inspired storage for a fraction of the price. 

So there you have it. My tops tips to spruce up your pad in time for spring. Which will you be doing first?

Sarah x