hallways before after makeover

A few weeks back I asked you to help me decide which colour to go for in my new hallway makeover. Drum roll please....we've decided! I'm so pleased with it and it's something that's really pushing me as a designer to step outside of what's 'trending' and start to develop my own style. Want to see what it's going to look like? Here's a little preview!

So let's just remind ourselves of what it looked like when we bought the place 2 years ago...

How it looked then...

hallway design ideas

The floorboards were bare, the walls were painted (badly) magnolia, the woodwork was yellow and there was some questionable artwork going on!

This is how it looks currently, before the new makeover. We've sorted out the flooring, sanding down the original floorboards and staining them a lovely rich walnut. We've repainted all of the woodwork so that it's fresh and painted the walls a soft grey and door a midcentury modern turquoise. We've fitted a globe pendant and the Persian style rug was a quick Ikea jobby that has kept the main section of hallway floor decent. Jason quite likes it's not going to go with our new scheme. Basically it's a collection of random stuff that doesn't go but does the job!

What we did to make it liveable...

And what we're going to do now!

hallway design ideas


We chose Little Greene's Citrine, a deep Olive Green. I love that it's a little bit different to what's trending right now and it has both classic but also modern traits when paired with some cool artwork.


We really needed to add some additional lighting into the hallway area. Currently the globe overhead light isn't enough, so we're adding a really cool Art Deco esque lamp from Pooky called the Isolde with an ivory silk drum shade. I frickin' love this lamp sooo much! It's going to be one of the real statement pieces in the hallway.

We're also going to add some warm strip LEDs above our picture ledge to uplight the ceiling area. 


We're keeping hold of our Art Deco sideboard (£20 once upon a time from a local charity shop and I do love it so), and have added a nest of side tables from Zara Home to give things a little bit of jazz! I'm waiting on them to arrive to check them our properly before I'm fully committed but I think they will look great in one of the corners with the Isolde lamp on top. They have those clean Art Deco lines but are totally on trend in brass.


I'm going to be incorporating some existing Art we have around the flat with some new pieces. One rule - every frame must be gilt, brass or walnut. I've got my eye on a couple from Ayers and Graces (they are just the best for period style gilt frames) and eFrame for something a little more modern. I love that they can custom fit them to any size so I've done that with a couple of pieces that so far I hadn't found any pre-made frames to fit.

Art will be a mix of abstract, pop, contemporary and classic. Think period style with an updates, street edge. Monochromes mixed with some acid brights I think!

This piece is by Tyler Spangler and one that I'll have on order...


The recently sanded and stained original floorboards will be staying, and the Ikea Persian style rug will give way to the Merida rug from made.com. It's perfect - Art Deco geometry in updated colours like muted baby pink and blueish greys. I can't wait to have it here in person.

art deco rugs


We have a large faux bamboo which I need to try out once everything's in and see if it works. I'm not convinced and it may end up coming into the living room as the dark and monochrome of our geometric wallpaper may suit it better. Other than that, it'll be pretty simple with a couple of Art Deco style pieces such as this brilliant black panther, just £13.99 from Dunelm! Might give him one of my gold chains to wear so that he looks a little bit more gangsta.

Keep your eyes peeled to see my finished styling when we're done.

Stay tuned for the big reveal over the next few weeks!

So what do you think? Did I make the right decision by doing something a bit different, or should I have gone with Pelt and done the dark and mysterious look? 

S x

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