DIY abstract art

I'm utterly obsessed with Franz Kline. There is something about his work that's so effortless and raw. Not to mention that the black and white palette and abstract style seems to be more in fashion now than ever. I've often thought about creating my own take on a Kline piece for my home but was always a bit scared to do it incase it went wrong! This afternoon, while playing around with my daughter and some cheap poster paints, I struck gold. Here's how you can achieve the same for just a few pounds!

What you'll need

- cheap black and white poster paints (I used these)

DIY monochrome abstract art

- a shitty old paintbrush (the more wiry and stray hairs the better!)

DIY franz kline

- A white piece of paper or card to paint on

franz kline style artwork

- A gold frame (these are perfect, I got mine from the charity shop)

gold frame

Step 1.

All you need to do is get a blob of your black paint, close your eyes and draw random lines across your page. I kept mine quite linear but you could also try some circles and diagonal lines.

Step 2.

When I opened my eyes it looked a bit crap, so I used the paint to go over the lines I'd made and strengthen them slightly, making sure I filled any 'abnormal' white space. I tried out a few different styles before I hit on something that worked (the top one is Marley's masterpiece)!

It's good to let your paintbrush dry out as you're doing it. It gives a more feathered effect and it's also easier to hide any bits that look shit!

art like franz kline

Step 3. 

If you want to be really Kline about it, you can use the white paint to fill and smudge certain areas. Watch this video to learn more about Kline's style and see how he did it.

Step 4.

Frame your picture! Use the same colour white mount for maximum effect. 

Step 5.

Dress it up with some fresh flowers, smaller art pieces and some statement accessories.

Here's the finished piece!

abstract black and white artwork
DIY abstract art

If you're feeling really confident you could try a large scale canvas like Kline!

franz kline artwork

So what do you think of the finished product? At a cost of about £15 it was much cheaper than investing in the real thing! Have you ever made your own artwork?

S x