toddler girls bedroom ideas

So we are just a few weeks off xmas and of course I've decided to give myself an interior design project at home at the craziest time of year - my 3 year old toddler Marley's bedroom! BUT I do have my reasons. Firstly, Marley's room has just had a load of damp work done and finished so it needs redecorating. Secondly it's her birthday in just over a week so she deserves it. Thirdly I have a magazine shooting the flat in early Jan and that room was just becoming a right eyesore. Fourth... I just wanted to do it, OK! Here's what I'm planning on doing, and maybe it'll give you some toddler girl bedroom ideas. We're on a tight budget so everything's super affordable.

Here's how it looks at the moment...


(ok this isn't actually right now more like a year ago but it's basically the same minus the cot which has now become a kiddy bed)

It's just not very exciting is it? The pink walls were chosen before I really had an eye for colour. I didn't do samples or anything I just literally bought a pot off the rack. WHAT WAS I THINKING?! Anyway yeah it's just dry. No personality aside from the little collection of art. It's not a fun space for her to hang out in and everything is up too high for her really.


I plan to get rid of the two chests and replace with a lower version so that Marls can grab her toys and books off there herself. The books are currently just stacked up on top of the chest so I'll get some acrylic book display units so that the books will all be at her height and on display. Perhaps I'll add a mirror at her height so she can admire herself in the mirror. Like when she steals my really expensive lipstick and smears it across her face - surprisingly accurately for a 3 year old.

The curtain is currently just sort of stuck to the window without a pole or anything, and it's a terrible curtain that we just had left over from our old flat (poor Marley, she really got the most luxurious room of the house, NOT), so we will add in a shiny new brass curtain pole with some lovely dusky blue velvety finish, floor length curtains.

The walls will be repainted in an off white with freehand painted marks on one wall / section to add a bit of drama.

The ceiling is currently white, we're going to change it for a bright pink shade that will add interest and FUN! She also needs a new light, little rug and some fun cushions and stuff to make it cosy. 

We will keep her bed, her lovely jungle duvet set from Soak & Sleep and some of her framed artwork. 


I didn't want to get too caught up in themes for this project, especially as it's a kids room with so many different toys and interests. Instead I've kept it quite loose but everything is very POP art influenced. The large cow canvas is something that currently resides in our living room but we're gonna see how it works in her room above the chest once we've finished painting. Some people might think this look is a little bit grown up for a 3 year old but I disagree. I hate super cheesy kids stuff and she's super cool! I've asked her about everything we've picked and she gives her permission ;)


toddler girl bedroom ideas


Ceiling light:, £99

Curtains: IKEA, £39

Chest of drawers: IKEA, £140

Brass Curtain pole: Wayfair, £28.99

Junior bed: IKEA, £100

Circle rug: Benuta, £19.95

A4 Acrylic book display units: Amazon, £11.22 each

Hand cushion: H&M, £6.99

Dog cushion: IKEA, £9

Green Star Blanket: IKEA, £10

Jungle duvet set: Soak & Sleep, £21.50

Wall colour: Valspar, Apricot Whisper available at B&Q

Ceiling colour: Valspar, Custom colour matched from a sample, available at B&Q


We are starting the painting this weekend... wish us luck!

S x