If you watched the first episode of Kirstie's handmade christmas this year then you will see I took part in the annual christmas tree decorating competition, which was a huge honour and something that was so fun and exciting to do! Of course I wanted to be rebellious and buck the traditional tree, so I bring the world my punk barbie christmas tree and the #alternativexmas...

Sarah akwisombe styling

We were told that the only decorations we could use HAD to be handmade, so I set about searching for the perfect vintage set of barbies and toy cars to use as baubles. The tiny vintage cars were primed and spray painted, then I attached gold foil string to hang them from the tree. 

The dolls were spray painted black and then hand painted, each with a different design. I think my neighbours thought I was a little bit weird when they looked out of the window and saw me doing this...

I also planned to spray paint my tree gold so that the monochrome barbies and neon pink car baubles would stand out. 

gold xmas tree

On the day of the filming I was super nervous, we travelled to Kirstie's private home in Devon where the atmosphere was brilliant. I was up against last year's tree winner Rika, the fabulous One Man Crochet and the gorge Jessica Trent from The Cabinet Maker's Love Tale. We worked outside in the courtyard all day putting our trees together while the cameramen asked us questions about what we were doing. Of course I wore a skirt and was bloody freezing the whole time! Vanity I tell ya! The other contestants were so lovely and we really had so much fun together. 

Kirstie was a real sweetheart and even offered me a coat (she could clearly see my teeth chattering). It was so easy to chat with her on camera and she's very good at making you feel instantly at ease. I love when people are the same on and off camera. 

Finally, the time came for our trees to be judged by the fabulous designer Sue Timney (she is one awesome lady). 

Want to know if I won? Watch the show! I'll be sharing photos in the next couple of days with how I recreated my Kirstie tree even BIGGER and BETTER at home!

*PSSST! I'm now selling sets of my vintage toy car christmas tree decorations as seen on the show, so if you want to have some of this fabulousness hanging all over your tree this year and embrace the #alternativexmas, then click below to order your set and I'll have them shipped to you first class!*

These are vintage car toys and every pack has a variety of cars so every set is different :) A pack of ten is £19.

toy car xmas decorations

S x