I see blogs that arrive and then disappear or lay abandoned ALL the time. It's really a shame because honestly, blogging isn't and shouldn't be hard, but it can seem that way when you don't know the very specific reasons that can lead to blogging failure. Fundamentally I believe there is one very distinct reason that blogs don't succeed, and once you know what it is, it's actually pretty easy to rectify. So what is it?

One of the biggest reasons I see blogs fail is because they aren't memorable. Ok that sounds a bit general right, but what I mean is they are trying to do and be everything to everybody with no focus. The design is bland, the tone of voice is middle of the road and the content isn't particularly snappy, controversial or aimed specifically to a niche target audience. This can lead to months or even years of blogging with no growth or monetisation. Which isn't what you're after is it?! Whether you've already started a blog or you're about to, finding a smaller niche within your industry is what will get you noticed and help you to develop your own blog brand fast. So how do you get there?

In this day and age you can't just start a blog that you hope appeals to everyone. Sure, people have done it before, but all of those places have been taken by the people who got on blogging wayyyyy back when it first started. It's harder for you to become the best at something if that area is completed saturated with other bloggers who have been doing it for longer than you, unless you want to spend a shit load of money on advertising yourself. 

Now, you need to find a small niche that fits within the subject you are passionate for writing about and really hone in on that in order to become the best person who talks about your subject. Think of it like a battle.

You start with one area and conquer that first, then move on to the surrounding areas. Trying to conquer many areas at once will surely end in disaster!

The problem:

Let's look at it like this. If you want to find out about fashion, and you want to find a fashion blog, you'll probably do a google search for something like 'fashion blog' and those who have been around the longest and who have the most readers will show up in the results first. This is how google is programmed to order results, so even if you have the greatest new fashion site with the sickest pictures the likelihood is that you're not going to get traffic via google, unless you're really SEO savvy. You'll also probably have to write in a quite bland tone of voice so as not to turn anyone off which can get quite boring for you in the future and also lead to your blog being really forgettable. 

The solution:

You need to be MEMORABLE. You need someone to be able to sum up your site in 30 seconds (or less which would be even better). Let me ask you... Which is more memorable?

'she writes a fashion blog.'


'she writes a fashion blog that shows off cool outfits that mums wear.'

The reason you need to be summed up so distinctly and quickly is that you want people to be able to tell their friends about your site. So that when your first reader meets another cool mum who's into fashion, she can say 'Hey Marie, I know the PERFECT site that you'll just love!'

You need to be known for doing one thing REAAAAALLY well at first. Just one thing. If that one thing is that you only talk about white interiors then that's great. That's what you do. You will become the best, an expert even, at white interiors. And then perhaps in your second year you might to start to focus on all grey interiors. But because you have first established yourself as being an expert on white interiors people will trust you. They know that you know your stuff. You're an expert. So when an expert then starts to expand and talk about another area it means you will AGAIN be considered an expert. 

Specialising in one area and then expanding later is THE way to build a brilliant business and brand. 

Being distinctive and sharable is the key to building your blog to be the success you know it deserves!

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S x