sarah akwisombe interior stylist

The objects we come into contact with depending on our profession varies massively from person to person. I think there's something quite cool in the fact that you can be shown an image of the objects people use day to day for work and it correctly inform you as to what they do for a living. I took to facebook to ask people of differing jobs what seemingly mundane objects they came into contact with each day and put together a photo story based in their info with the very talented photographer Dan Annett (check out his American autos projects, so cool).

Here's a bit behind the scenes on the day and the finished images. See if you can work out which belongs to each profession...


A week before the shoot I took to Facebook and asked everyone which objects they came into contact with each day with their job. The results were so varied and funny, with answers ranging from tape measures to baby bottles to bicycle pumps and half eaten sandwiches. I picked out my 5 faves and set about making sure I had all of the objects. I planned to spray paint each profession's items all the same colour so it was really about the objects that had the most interesting shapes and textures. 


rustoleum spray paint

I stock up on spray paint and primer from Rustoleum. I go for a massive range so that we can choose on the day which will work best for each setup and creates a coherent story of 5 images. Rustoleum spray paint is my fave because it's really quick drying and easy to use with vivid, even colour. 

Oh and I realise I will probably need an assistant as I'll be doing all of the spray painting on the day. Search my emails to see who has got in touch to request assisting work recently and find Sammy, give her a call and she sounds lovely. Perfect!


After trundling through London transport carrying a massive backpack and roller case (sorry office workers) I meet Sammy at the station and we head to the studio. We do some spray paint tests to work out which colours we want to go for. It's either a palette of metallics, black and white, or we go for brights. The brights win! 

We do a few set ups to work out the placement of the objects for each shot before spraying them and placing them back into the EXACT same position. Even the test shots looks cool so I know the end result is going to be dope. 

*TOP TIP! Want to spray paint some stuff? Use the plastic primer first on any plastics or rubbers and the surface primer for any woods or metals. If you don't use the plastic primer then the paint won't adhere properly and will be really tacky forever. I have learnt this the hard way! Spray in light, even strokes and allow the layers to dry before applying the next. Light even layers will help it to dry faster and be super even. After your primer is dry you can apply your colour of choice with the same technique. Use rubber gloves and a mask as it's quite potent. Make sure you have a protective surface covering the ground as the wind can catch the paint and sweep it across areas (as I learnt myself)!* 

Sammy and I battle wind and rain to prime and spray all of our objects, including a broken macbook that someone has given us. Result! Comedy moment as wind lifts up a whole spread of stuff I am spray painting on a polystyrene board and I have to run after it. 

Then we get cracking. 

Here's the finished product...

Did you guess the profession? 

Black = Antiques Restorer

White = Social Media Manager

Pink = Makeup Artist

Green = Art Gallery Manager

Yellow = Interior / still life stylist (that one is me!)

Would love to know what you think of this project! It was so much fun to do, I can't wait to show you what we come up with next...

S x

*Thanks to Rustoleum for supplying all of the materials needed for this project and thanks to Sammy for being a fabulous assistant! You guys rule!*