When I'm designing rooms for clients there are a few go-to online retailers that I trawl trough before I go anywhere else. They're tried and tested and really good value for money - Swoon Editions is one of them. Even though they have a major ad campaign running across London Transport and all of the glossies I'm still shocked to hear that some of my fabulous friends haven't discovered this awesome retailer just yet, so I thought I'd give you the 411!

Swoon Editions work directly with craftsmen and cuts out the middle man to bring you really brilliantly hand crafted, quality pieces at high street prices. 

Every run of furniture starts out as a 'little edition', a small batch of between 5-20. If it receives loads of interest then it goes into full production, but rest assured the runs are still small so you'll more often than not be receiving a piece that's pretty unique compared to the hundreds of thousands that some of our favourite Swedish retailers create (ahem)!

I especially love the way that Swoon Editions share the stories of the makers and people behind the pieces through their fab newsletter (you can sign up to it here). No sweatshop business or exploited factory workers here. Which, I'm sure you will agree, is pretty frickin awesome.

swoon editions

Just to show you the wicked bits they have, I've picked my top ten pieces, in no particular order, which I've shared below. 

Carnaby chair, £329

I love the shape of this armchair. It could work equally well as a really luxury dining or dressing table chair as an armchair. It's everything that's great about midcentury but with some unique lines that make it verrrrry pleasing to my eyes!

Malmo day bed, £699

I hope that one day I have a place big enough for an oh-so-glam daybed. The button detailing and splayed legs make this a pretty cool version, perfect for any midcentury or Scandi style interior. 

Sierra rug, £199

This rug features an Art Deco inspired ziggurat pattern that I'm pretty in love with (I mean, have you seen my wallpaper?!)

Lille armchair, £329

Ahhh, I mean, how can you not love this armchair?! Dusky pink, plump cushions and super chic French styling. On paper it's totally not my thing but I absolutely love it!

Tivoli sofa, from £499

The Tivoli is part of Swoon Editions new made to order sofa range, with a choice of fabrics (wool, leather, velvet and house weave) and loads of colours. It's a really contemporary shape that would work in pretty much any setting so I think it's a great choice. 

Now if you've seen a piece or two that's caught your eye then I have some good news, as I have a special link which will get you 10% off your first order. Cha-ching! As if it wasn't good enough value already ;)

Click here to sign up to be a Swoon Editions insider and get 10% off. 

Hopefully I've introduced you to something snazzy and new, thank me later. perhaps with cake or cookies or something. I'm not fussy but it's just a suggestion...

Love ya!

S x

*This post is sponsored by Swoon Editions.. but before you go getting all cynical let me tell you this - I only write about brands that I love and would personally shop with. So rest assured, every word of this blog post is 100% genuine. And surely by now you know I hate BS! Thanks to the good folks at Swoon Editions for supporting my blog :) *

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