Hey peeps! Last week I was running around going to a few of the London Design Festival shows to get some footage for neybers, my new client (and awesome iPad app for any interior design junkies like me). I give you the lowdown on what each show was about and what the emerging trends are so that you don't miss out on anything :)

sarah akwisombe blogger
eley kishimoto wallpaper

Just a few snaps for now, I'll be posting the full albums in a few days for you to ogle, I just have so many pictures that will take forever to edit...

This was also the first time talking to camera with my new tripod, mic and LED light, and I think it makes quite a big difference!

I'll be doing some more vids soon, so if you have any questions you'd like me to answer or ideas for video content, please share them in the comments.

S x

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