sarah akwisombe

I've just had a bit of a revelation. I noticed that while my blog has done an awfully good job at building my brand and reputation, it's been lacking in doing the one thing that I set out for it to do. HELP PEOPLE! 

Yep, as shameful as it is, I admit it, I've been so caught up in what's going on with my own life that I really hadn't been thinking about what you guys need. I also admit that I've been pressed for time and have sometimes taken the easy option of blogging about products or things that I've been doing because it takes less time.

I admit, I got all me, me, me there for a second. 


Here I am, proclaiming to the world, that is about to change! I promise. From now on you'll be seeing a lot more posts that help you with all of your interior design and decorating concerns, and issues. People share them with me every day, and i even sent out a survey to understand what your current questions and frustrations are. The results were really interesting, and so you'll be seeing some content delivered around those frustrations soon.

So now i'm asking for your help. In order for me to do this right, I need to know what you want help with. What are your current questions or concerns around decorating your home?

If you could take 5 minutes to answer these 5 questions (yes, just 5 I promise) then I'll be able to make some content specifically for you. Alternatively, just drop me a comment below.

On a secondary note, I also realised that I really want to start shaping this blog around the psychology of interior design and people's unique style. Yes, there are trends and magazines and people on the internet telling you how to spend your hard earned cash in order for your home to look 'cool'...

But I'm telling you all now, it's all CRAP.

It's all to get you to spend money on their product and plays on your insecurities of not fitting in with the 'trend'. I definitely don't want to make you feel like that. Your home should feel what your version of cool is, not someone else's. So I'm really interested to get behind the psychology of why you choose what you do, help you to understand what influences you, help you shape your own style and help you to decorate confidently, happily and stylishly! 

In whats coming up to a year of this blog being alive, I finally feel like it's all coming into place and it has found its purpose. I'm sorry it's taken me this long to work it out. 

I ask for your apology, and it won't happen again! 

Please leave your comments below or fill in the very short survey so that I can tailor my content better to you guys. Thanks for being a reader, I'm forever grateful and I owe you guys a lot. 

S x