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 It was about time hubby and I had a little date night, so I was pretty excited to be invited down to try out the cuisine at the Marco Grill based in the grounds of Chelsea Football Club. Regarded as one of the best steakhouses in West London, and with renowned chef Roger Pizey at the helm of the kitchen, I was pretty eager to get down there and see what their Dinner & Decor had to offer. Subtle warning: MEAT PORN. 

First up, and I think this is a pretty momentous moment, I wore heels!

It was Chelsea after all...

My dress is vintage and my heels are from Dorothy Perkins. The ones I have on here aren't available anymore, but these are pretty similar and just £29! 

Anyway, back to the food. We arrived to the building which is just on the entrance to Stamford Bridge. The building itself looks modern but pretty unassuming, but once inside it's a lot more chic and classy. The look is simple but executed very well. A palette of Black, yellow, olive green and neutrals in materials such as leather, crushed velvet, dark woods and marble in the bathrooms. I specifically loved the monochrome tiled pattern in the centre of the restaurant floor, the shimmering main pillar and the vintage movie-star photographs that adorned the walls. Lighting was low but good enough to not struggle to see full detail of the food. Or your partner's face. The combination of normal dining tables and booths is nice for larger groups who may want their own area.

The Maitre d' gave us a warm welcome and showed us to our booth in the front corner. At this time we had the restaurant almost to ourselves so it was fairly quiet, but I could imagine at a slightly later time or busier evening there would be a lovely atmosphere. 

First we ordered a bottle of the Chateau D'astros Rosé as it was a fairly warm summer night and just seemed right! It was incredibly light and refreshing. I usually prefer a rather sweet rosé but this I actually really enjoyed and it complimented our food so well. We perused the menu to choose starters. The menu is a great balance of fish, meat and vegetarian dishes with a number of choices that had me drooling! For the starter I went for the dorset crab, and Jason took the Confit Salmon Salad. For mains, I went for the fillet steak with Bérnaise sauce and french fries and Jason, surprisingly went for the pan-fried yellow fin tuna! Normally he will go hard on the meat options (see what I mean here) so this was a nice change. 

As we sat back to wait, our waiter very kindly brought us some taster samples of the carrot and buttermilk soup. It was delicately sweet and savoury at the same time and just the right amount to get our appetites going. 

Marco grill soup

You can see I got a bit excited to eat it and dropped a blob on the plate before remembering to snap. Oops!

They were polished off very quickly. Then a few minutes later, our starters arrived.

The crab was beautifully creamy, and again just the right portion size. Knowing I had a fillet steak on the way I wanted to make sure I saved space! I was so busy enjoying my crab that I forgot to try any of Jason's starter and by the time I looked over he had finished it. Dammit. Must pay more attention next time. 

sarah akwisombe restaurant review


We then sat back and enjoyed our wine a little whilst awaiting the main meal. I took this moment to go and check out the bathrooms and get one of my Dinner & Decor bathroom selfies!

The bathrooms continued the dark wood theme from the main restaurant but started to incorporate some lighter, neutral elements in new materials, such as these fab ponyskin mirrors. 

As I headed back to my table, we only had to wait a few moments before our mains arrived, with extra sides complimentary of the house. 

My steak was absolute perfection. Cooked just as I like it, with crunchy french fries and a dreamy Bérnaise that was all the meat needed, with just a touch of ketchup for my fries. In 2014 this is the only steak I have eaten, and my lord it was SO worth it. Looking back at these images I REALLY want to eat this again. Now. Please now. 

I guess you are getting the point that the steak was great. Once again I missed the opportunity to try Jason's food as I was having a bit of a meat romance, but the delighted sounds coming from Jason's way meant that the tuna steak must have been pretty good too. We struggled to finish the sides between us but it was great to have a selection. The sweet potato wedges were a fave.

Shortly after we finished our mains the head chef Roger Pizey came out to say hello and I got to thank him for one of the best steaks in my life (second only to the infamous Gaucho). He was such a lovely guy and it was really kind of him to take the time to introduce himself. We thanked him for all of the little extras that he had been sharing with us throughout the night too.

As we finished our wine we looked over the dessert menu. I went for an English classic and one of my all time faves, the Eton Mess. Jason again surprised me with his choice of poached apricots. I could have sworn he would have gone for the sticky toffee pud... after ten years do I know this man at all?!

This time I wasn't missing out on Jason's dish.. I grabbed one of the apricots before he had time to argue! It was plump, sweet and ever so slightly sharp, which was rounded off with vanilla ice cream. Delicious! Over on my plate the ever-so-modern take on an Eton mess was about to be devoured. I would have liked a little more cream and I am a fan of quite chewy meringue, whereas this was the more rigid type. All in all not bad though and definitely came down to a matter of personal-meringue-preference.

Little did we know a surprise was on its way...

marco grill sticky toffee pudding

A sticky toffee pud compliments of the chef! Considering Roger Pizey is so well known for his desserts it only made sense for us to try it, how dare we decline?! Needless to say we got stuck in. 


Once again the portion size was perfect, and unlike so many other sticky toffee puddings it wasn't stodgy or at all sickly. I could have eaten two of these, for sure. 

And with that, we rested and got ready to make our way home.

sarah akwisombe restaurant review

My overall thoughts of the Marco grill are as follows:


- Great interior, classic and chic with a great palette and mix of materials

- Service was absolutely spot on, probably the best I have experienced in all of my Dinner & Decor reviews, comparable only to Bob Bob Ricard

- Beautiful food and wine, and one of the best steaks I have ever tasted

 - Very fair pricing for the quality of food


It feels a bit unfair to even call these negatives, I would say they are more 'points to consider'.

- Slight lack of atmosphere

This could have been the night we were attending, but if you want to take friends somewhere a little more 'buzzy' then this may not be the place for you

- Outdoor area by no means reflects the indoor decor

I think the outdoor terrace area is a little bit of a let down to the quality of the interior. 


That's literally it. Overall score = 4/5.

I will definitely be returning the next time I want a steak. Which might be tonight at this rate...

Have you ever visited the Marco Grill? If you have somewhere you think I should review for my next Dinner & Decor piece then leave a comment below. See the rest of my Dinner & Decor reviews here!

S x