DIY vintage photo stairs

I was scrolling through my facebook feed recently when I came across the most brilliant stair makeover I have ever seen. The oh-so-multi-talented Fatsarazzi had spent his morning revamping his perfectly lovely but a little plain staircase with vintage film photos. LOVE! Of course I had to jump right on his case and get him to share all of his tips so that you can recreate something just as awesome for your own home. So here's the deets and the before and after!

Step 1

So I have been collecting old photo stills for a while and have been wanting to use them in some shape or form in the house. I decided on jazzing up my mid landing stairs. Firstly, I selected which photos I wanted on each step.

Step 2

Then I measured them out & cut them to size. For adhesive to stick them on I used a carpet adhesive, but I am sure a strong Photo Mount or Spray Mount will do. 

DIY stairs makeover

Step 3

Once all the pictures were in place and glued to the under step, I taped off the edges of each step with masking tape so that I could varnish the images without getting it all over the steps. Use a blue masking tape as it is easier to see where you're going. Allow a 1cm lip over the edge of the photos all the way round. This way there will be a 1cm film of Varnish around the outside edge of the images as well as on the images themselves which should protect them against cleaning and knocks.

Step 4

I used a extra durable ‘non yellowing’ floor varnish to seal and protect the images. The best results are with the heavier gloss finish photos as they are not as soluble and don't absorb the varnish. With these things it happens sometimes that one picture will ripple etc, but hey, that's the DIY way! I gave it three coats. When dry, be careful peeling the tape as it may pull the lip of varnish. You could use a scalpel or a blade to trim it neatly if you have the patience. I am but shall we say, rustic, so I just went for it!




stair makeover


If you wanted to be more precise you could measure each step. Scan your images and arrange them per step and get an exact image collaged together using Photoshop. Then have it printed on a ‘Museum/Gallery’ quality paper at a digital print outlet. Follow the same process as above to apply. You could even finish of with a clear Perspex sheet screwed onto the understep for extra protection.

I don't know about you guys but I think this looks fab, pretty simple and could be completed in the space of a morning if you had prepared all of your images in advance. I love the vintage vibes, now I just need to buy a house with stairs so that I can create this look myself!

What do you think of Fatsarazzi's stair makeover? Would you try it out yourself?

S x

Sarah Akwisombe