The Bossa Nova music is back!

In this new video I'm discussing all things posh paint. We have all heard of the Farrow & Ball's, Sanderson's and Little Greene's of the paint world but does spending more on paint actually make a difference, or is it all just a marketing gimmick? I do the research and give you the lowdown on if designer paints are really worth your hard earned cash.

For those who can't watch the video, here's the info in handy written format...

So what's the deal with designer paint then? Well I did a bit of research and it turns out that designer paints are more expensive because they have less binding agents, less water and more of the all important pigment. Plus, most cheaper paints use synthetic pigments as they are easier and cheaper to produce. High end paints don't, they use real pigments.


So, what's the effect of less pigment, and a synthetic one at that? Well, synthetic pigments don't have a much depth or the subtle undertones that true pigments do, meaning that they don't work as well under certain lighting conditions. That's why your cheaper paint colours can sometimes look a little one dimensional, so to speak.

I've also definitely experienced what I call 'the fade', where you lay on a paint colour, only for a year later it to not quite have the same punch that it did in the first place. I've seen this happen in a few rooms in my flat, so the strength of the pigment in the more expensive paints would make up for that and last longer.


They also go on a lot more easily and cover better, meaning you may save some of those all important hours layering up your paint! As come on, we all know it gets bloody boring after the first hour!


Ok, so Dulux may have it nailed when it comes to the amount of colours they have, but I can never find the exact shade that I am looking for. The depth of the designer paints colours seems to be better, and though they have a smaller range it just seem the colours are always spot on. As I say in the video, buying cheaper paint is a bit like shopping for clothes in Primark; it's cheap, and it's almost exactly what you want, but it's just not 100% perfect.

So, do you think you would consider a designer paint next time you decorate a room now? Watch all of my other videos and subscribe to my YouTube channel here.

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