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It's no secret that I love to cook. I'm as in my element baking a coffee and walnut cake as I am a prawn tempura. I find I really go into a calm place and I find it extremely relaxing and generally good for my soul, and my friend's and family's bellies! When you spend as much time in the kitchen as I do (there's me sounding all 50s housewife and kind of love it), one can start to dream about the next exciting appliance or little gadget that would make my life easier or dishes even more tasty. 

I've picked ten dreams items that I cannot wait to cram into my tiny kitchen!

But before that, lets whet your appetite with a little gallery of some of my recent kitchen adventures...

Taste buds suitably aroused? Great. Now let's get on to the kitchenware porn.

sarah akwisombe cooking kitchen items

1. Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker - £74.95

This is a great price and super simple to use. Ok it's not one of the plug in and go ones, it does require overnight freezing, but considering the price and the fact that you can have your own tasty homemade concoctions I think it's well worth an investment!

2. Tom Dixon Spice Grinder - £75

It's an absurdly overpriced designer spice grinder. Who doesn't need that?!

3. VITAMIX Blender and Food Processor - £650

I want this because all of the really healthy, hipster people in life have them. I have no idea what exactly a blender / food processor / magic maker could have inside it that makes it worth the SIX-HUNDRED-AND-FIFTY pound price tag but it looks sexy and I bet it does good things. 

4. Raymond Blanc Knife Set - £94.97

Very precise pricing there. Almost knife like. I've been using my good old Mean & Sexy (also known as Marks & Spencer to some of you lot) knives for years now, and they have served me well. But I do long for a super sharp knife that will slice even the rubberiest of tomatoes with ease. On a second note, I do seem to be getting clumsier as I get older so maybe it's not a great idea. 

5. Bugatti Weighing Scales - £90

I mean scales do one job right? Weigh stuff. But these look space-age cool and the make is Bugatti which I am enjoying the thought that it may be the same maker of those fancy cars that all the boys like. I'm actually ok with the price as I think they look good enough to justify it. Some scales look seriously clunky.

6. Citrus Press - £18.75

Would it surprise you to know that this is actually my most coveted item at the moment? After seeing many a cocktail barman make me the perfect Bloody Mary with one fell splat of a lemon this has topped my lust list for months.

7. Dyson Handheld Vacuum - £169.95

My sister was given one of these by her boyfriend for either her birthday or christmas. Now, some of you may look upon that as some kind of chauvinist statement but I think he couldn't have shown his love more. When you have a small child who likes to test your sanity levels by staring you deep in the eyes whilst dropping food on to the floor you understand its true value.

8. Nespresso Lattissima - from £182

It's got an Italian sounding name and adverts with George Clooney in 'em. Of course we all need a Nespresso coffee maker. THEY HAVE A WHOLE STORE WHERE THEY SELL THOSE LITTLE POD THINGS. Fun.

9. Le Creuset Rectangle Grill - From £58

Nothing says 'I'm getting close to my thirties' like a new appreciation for all things orange. Let's not beat around the bush, they're a timeless classic and deserve a place in every British kitchen.

10. Tefal ActiFry Fryer - £199.99

This piece of wizardry somehow allows you to deep fat fry things without getting fat. Now you can smirk at all your 'clean-mean-living' or whatever diet they're on today friends as you crunch away on a delicate and delicious flaky layer of fried stuff. If you want to put them at ease just tell them you did it with coconut oil or something. 


I'm just off to order the one thing I can afford on that list, the citrus press, so that I can make ultra perfect Bloody Mary's to my heart's content. What's your fave? Do you own any of these things already? If so I'm jel.

S x