Do you feel like there are loads of little jobs that need doing, but you just can't seem to find the time to get around to them?! Snap. Recently I've felt like I've been at a bit of a standstill with our flat. In reality, we haven't, but little things are niggling at me day-to-day, and not allowing me to fully enjoy the fruits of our labour. I look at things we spent time on when we first moved in and think 'we really rushed that.' If I've learnt anything form studying to be an interior designer it's that the little things are everything. You can't pride yourself on being a great designer if your paint is flaking, plaster is chipping or wallpaper peeling. So I made a promise to myself to start paying attention to the little things, and here is the first one I've gotten around to. 

The bathroom was one of the first things we did when we moved in, and it was finished to a liveable standard, but by no means 'finished'. Yes, it went from 



And eventually something that looks a bit like this currently..

bathroom with subway tiles

Sorry for the shoddy pic, I still haven't got around to photographing the bathroom properly. Anyway, it's liveable but by no means done. We still need to hang artwork, redo the flooring, add a shelf above the sink, get a bath caddy and wire racks for the shower area and sort out blinds. One niggling things that keeps bothering me is that when we got the bathroom done we (stupidly) decided to paint the lead in the original Crittal windows white. As soon as it was done I knew I hated it. So then we painted them black again, but because it was winter it never really dried properly and so all dribbled and flaked off... not pretty. It left the windows looking like this. 

Mmm nice, right?! No. So today, after staring at it for months, I decided to sort it out. 

A trip to the DIY shop and a tin of black paint later it looked something like this.

crittal windows

Now, it was better, but I decided I wanted to do my best and get it as perfect as possible! So I set about with a razor, toothbrush, some fairy liquid and mould remover and got to work on neatening the edges as best I could and washing the inside and outside (which I swear has not been washed for at least 5 years). I also dropped a soaking wet manky sponge out of the window into the alleyway below so hopefully it didn't hit anyone. Oops. It was a pretty mundane and fiddly task due to the glass being textured which allows the paint and crap to stick in the crevices. Anyway, point is, I knew I wouldn't be happy in that room until I had done my best to make it look as good as was possible. 

original crittal windows

Ok, I know what you're thinking... it looks the same! And maybe it does. And yes, I know the white paint needs touching up (next job on the list). But I was never going to be happy knowing I hadn't tried to fix it. Now I think about it, there are at least 5-8 other niggly things in the flat that are driving me quietly crazy. Maybe I will take photos of them all and put them out there so you lot can hold me to account to fix them!

Have you got niggly bits around your home that you can't seem to find the time to fix? Share them below and perhaps we can get on each other's case to get them done!

S x