kaymet gold and cobalt blue tray

You may have noticed that a vintage bar cart is all the rage right now! That being said, as much as we'd love one there was just really no space for it in our living room and we already had a brilliant sideboard that was kind of already doing the job anyway. So, if like us, you just don't have the space but still want the vintage bar cart effect, why not try this?

When browsing the Clippings website recently, I came across some really cool 60s style hostess trays which I loved. They came in a range of colours and finishes, and of course I was drawn to the gold finish. I loved this cobalt Blue tray, and after a bit of digging around I found out that Kaymet, the manufacturers, have a really great history behind them that makes me love their products even more! So I very quickly ordered and set about creating the start of my bar area...

vintage bar cart

Kaymet have been hand producing these trays in Bermondsey, London, since 1947. Manufacture has continued through the decades with only modest refinements to the original Kaymet designs, which are suddenly having a huge resurgence in modern households, mine included! I spoke to the guys there to find out a bit about how they make their products, and boy, do these guys have a passion that's pretty evident. I love seeing great British design that's still being produced in the old school way, it's just so rare nowadays.

'Our Pressed Trays are a good example of how we evolve our products. Sometime in the 60s the shape was developed and the press tools made. We worked out how to get a lovely brushed finish, shape the blanks before forming on our Bentley power press, then hand finish and anodise. A little later we re-worked our trolleys to marry with these trays, with sleek wheels and a simple brushed frame. A dozen years ago we added Rubber Grips, pushing them through fine rows of holes punched in each tray. Last year we re-shaped the silicone rubber part because we wanted the undersides to sing. The new one just feels so right, so cheerful and simple. This is how it goes. It takes time to get so simple.' - Kaymet

The guys have been busy working on some new designs, including this gold effect and turquoise base (obsessed)! It's not out yet but it's in production so keep an eye out. I am thinking of getting a bespoke gold effect and baby pink base sometime later down the line... Did I mention they will make you bespoke trays? How cool!

Anyway, I just wanted to show these guys a bit of love and so spent my Sunday afternoon doing a little styling session. 

You can get the gold and cobalt Blue tray here for £79 or browse the full collection here.

Ok, the trays aren't cheap, but what you're paying for is classic British, quality craftsmanship, all hand finished in London. You can't beat that. 

vintage serving tray

What do you think of the Kaymet trays? Do you want a little vintage bar cart area?

S x