colour schemes

I don't think I'd be exaggerating when I say the right combo of Blue and Pink can be the most satisfying to my soul. Recently seen at my visit to Bob Bob Ricard, and also the colour palette for my bedroom, this combo can be both cute and sophisticated at the same time. 


I mean, it's all about the right shade of flamingo Pink right?! I know it's a little out there, but it won't look quite as quirky when you tone it with some muted Blues. For those of you who do fancy a bit of quirky though, one, let's go for a drink, two, check out this really cool flamingo print wallpaper from Wallpaper Direct, at £16.99 a roll (1). The geometric rug from Urban Outfitters is a steal at £69.99 (yes, seriously!) and will kick off this colour scheme the right way (3). 


Work with the lighter, almost baby Blue and a powdery, dusky, Grey based Blue as secondary colours. If you found the Pink a little too much as a base colour, then try swapping the two. This can work equally as well. For some kitsch accessories I love this vintage Blue typewriter (4) and classic Falcon mug in the lighter variations (5), whilst the darker Blue armchair from West Elm provides depth and strength to the palette (6). If you've gone for blue as your base colour, these Pink stripe cushions would work well as a secondary touch of colour (8). 


Black is the perfect accent here! I love the juxtaposition of such delicate colours with a bold, contrasting black. It's super contemporary but can work in a vintage way too. Love it! This Ikea lamp (2) and dinner plates (7) are an affordable option and when used in tiny touches really bring this palette out of the 'nice' zone and right up in yo face, homie!

So, do you think you'd be brave enough to try the flamingo print wallpaper? I wish I had a spare wall for it! 

S x