Alright, I don't wanna tempt fate here, but hasn't the weather in the UK been pretty awesome recently?! If you're anything like me you will have been gagging to get outside and breathe in some good natural outdoor air as much as you can. Unfortunately I don't have a garden, but all this sun has got me dreaming of what I would do if I did have one. With the help of Simplelighting.co.uk, I've put together 5 beautiful garden lighting ideas that would work in even the tiniest of outdoor spaces!

1. LED strips under steps

Image found on http://www.gardenbuilders.co.uk/

Image found on http://www.gardenbuilders.co.uk/

This is a really contemporary and affordable way to start putting together a chic lighting scheme for your garden or courtyard. LED strips are really affordable - this one is just £15 per metre and is fully dimmable, meaning you can create a really cool effect depending on how bright you want the lighting to be that evening. I wouldn't know where to begin in terms of installing it, but the guys over at Simple Lighting have experts on hand who knows all of the ins and outs of LEDs and can tell you exactly what you'd need to get this look. Easy peasy!

Get your LED strip lights here

2. Throw some light on your greenery

garden lighting ideas

I love this look. It reminds me of balmy nights at 5 star hotels in warmer climates. If you're proud of your greenery, show it off! This look is really chic and helps to create an ambient lighting scheme that will actually make your garden look bigger. It also works as a great way to have light in the garden at night time but not shining directly into you and your guests eyes. Try some garden spike lights which are easy to push into the soil of your bedding area and then point in the direction of your greenery.

This shot is lit with the range of LED spike lights from John Cullen Lighting.

3. Use up/downlighters on externals walls


Up/Down wall lights are a great way to highlight your wall features. The lights have a bulb at both the top and bottom meaning that you get a good spread of light on both sides for a really cool effect. A friend of mine recently put these into an outdoor panelled wall he was doing and it looked awesome! This equally works well if you have brick walls and want to highlight the details. You probably only need 2-3 for a great effect and at just £19.25 a light you can't go wrong really.

Find up/downlights here

4. Inbuilt decking lights

You're having a summer BBQ, things get a little late, you've been drinking and it's dark... it's easy to miss a step. We've all been there! With these inbuilt decking lights you don't need to worry about anyone underestimating the edge of your decking. It's also a really modern twist on the usual deck and is worth spending a little more to have a unique look. A set of 10 bulbs is just under £25 and the easy clip bulb replacement mechanism makes it super easy to change a bulb should you need to. 

Get a set of decking lights here

5. Take the Old skool, Nu skool with contemporary bollards

Ok, bollard along your pathway can look a little dated. But nowadays there are some seriously cool and very contemporary granite bollards that can light up the edge of your path with a really great , almost industrial style. If I've learnt anything through studying to become an interior designer, it's that finishes are what matters! I really love these granite bollard lights. They are a little pricey at just under £250 for each light, but trust me, THIS will make your garden go from nice to WOW!


Has this given you any ideas for your garden? 

S x