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We spend so much time in our bathrooms. They should be a little slice of heaven inside your home. Somewhere comforting, and dare I say it, luxurious! But it's easy for a bathroom to turn into a dumping ground for cosmetics, kids bath toys, toiletries, magazines etc, so I'm here to help you get a little luxury back into your bathroom, so that every time you shut that door behind you, you can say 'ahhhhh'!

1. Store away clutter

We just invested in this metal shelf which is up high on the bathroom wall and helps to store away clutter. We used some bamboo baskets to hold all of the toiletries and bits and bobs we weren't using every day and keep them up out of reach and sight. Getting a caddy or rack for your shower or bath helps to keep things feeling more contained and less cluttered, which is instantly calming, even if only subconsciously. 

2. Get a bath caddy

Now this is the ultimate luxury. A bath caddy lets you lie in the bath while your book and glass of wine is propped up right in reach. If you're feeling extra saucy, you could stock it up with grapes, chocolates and wine for a little romantic couples bath. OOH-ERR!



3. Make it feel like you're the guest

bathroom styling ideas aloe vera

I like to think about what I would do for someone if they were a guest in my house. Fresh, plump towels and all of the little luxuries they would need. I do this by keeping a little jar of cotton buds and face pads with some samples of luxury skincare. Now every night when I go to take my makeup off it's all to hand and feels that little bit more special than rooting around in my cupboard to find my cotton wool pads. It's the little things hey ladies!


4. Invest in some new taps

Old, dull taps do not make for luxury bathing guys! It's worth spending a bit of money on getting some nice shiny new taps and this can actually really modernise your bathroom. There are loads of great looking contemporary designs thats are affordable. I really like this tap from B&Q which is currently on sale. 



5. Get some on-trend accessories

It doesn't cost much to upgrade your bathroom accessories. Zara home and H&M home are my go to places for things like cool candles, toothbrush holders etc. My tips? Swap your plastic shower curtain rings fro metals ones, and invest in some Egyptian cotton bath sheets, not towels. Bath sheets are way bigger and the Egyptian cotton is so much thicker and more luxurious than your average cotton towels. It makes all the difference, trust me!


So, do you think you'll be putting any of these tips into use? Send me your bathroom pics!

S x